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2013-11 Social dominance in context and in individuals: Contextual moderation of robust effects of social dominance orientation in 15 languages and 20 countries article (326) 103 98
2011.11 Intergroup consensus/disagreement in support of group-based hierarchy: an examination of socio-structural and psycho-cultural factors. article (1022) 84 80
2012.12 Stereotypes about People Living with HIV: Implications for Perceptions of HIV Risk and Testing Frequency among at-risk Populations PhD article (859)(352) 39 40
2012-12 Stereotypes About People Living with HIV: Implications for Perceptions of HIV Risk and Testing Frequency Among At-Risk Populations article (977) 38 40
2007-02 Lesbians and bisexual women in the eyes of scientific psychology article (1987) 26 21
2011-01 Testing an optimized community-based human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk reduction and antiretroviral adherence intervention for HIV-infected injection drug users article (1039) 17 18
2013.11 A randomized controlled trial of the community-friendly health recovery program (CHRP) among high-risk drug users in treatment article (893) 15 16
2012-01 Lesbians in Empirical Psychological Research: A New Perspective for the Twenty-First Century? article (689) 5 無資料
2007-09 Examining the decay of HIV risk reduction outcomes following a community-friendly intervention targeting injection drug users in treatment article (972) 5 5
2013.06 Endorsement of Sexist Ideology in Taiwan and the United States: Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Deferential Family Norms article (1060) 5 6
2014-11 From east to west: Accessibility and bias in self-other comparative judgments article (561) 3 1
2013-01 Stereotypes and prejudice from an intergroup relations perspective: Their relation to social structure book/chapter (705) 2 無資料
2016.02 Voting Intention and Choices: Are Voters Always Rational and Deliberative? article (580) 2 3
2017-10 Are we rational or not? The exploration of voter choices during the 2016 presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan article (567) 2 1
2017-07 Linking parental socialization about discrimination to intergroup attitudes: The role of social dominance orientation and cultural identification article (465) 1 無資料
2013-02 Perceptions of Success and Life Satisfaction: A Gender Examination in Taiwan. article (1021) 1 無資料
2017-07 Linking Parental Socialization about Discrimination to Intergroup Attitudes: The Role of Social Dominance Orientation and Cultural Identification article (460) 1 無資料
2018-06 When objective group membership and subjective ethnic identification don’t align: How identification shapes intergroup bias through self-enhancement and perceived threat article (749) 1 1
2012.12 Adopting a target perspective in undocumented immigrants research article (1144) 0 無資料
2012.06 Filial ethics and Judgments of Filial Behavior in Taiwan and the United States. article (1245) 0 1