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2020-11 Cultural variations in global and local attention and eye-movement patterns during the perception of complex visual scenes: Comparison of Czech and Taiwanese university students. article (17)
2020-09 Parafoveal word processing affects saccade targeting in reading Chinese sentences conference (15)
2020 How does Training Shape English-Chinese Sight Translation Behaviour? An Eye-Tracking Study. 期刊論文 (193)
2019-08 Taipei Sentence Corpus of Mandarin Chinese: Analysis of an Eye-Tracking Corpus for Age Differences in Reading Chinese sentences. conference
2018-12 Effects of word processing and language experience on eye movements in reading Russian as a foreign language. conference
2018-12 A Corpus Study of Linguistic-Cultural Conceptualization of FEAR in Chinese and Russian conference (112)
2018-05 Frequency and predictability effects in natural reading: evidences from co-registration of eye-movement and event-related potentials measures. conference
2017-07 Heard but Falsely Remembered? The Attention and Memory Effect of Product Placement in TV Episodes. article (187)
2017-06 以眼動注視反應探討品牌識別標誌之美感判斷歷程 conference (341)
2017-03 Sustained visual attention for competing emotional stimuli in social anxiety: An eye tracking study article (445)
2016-11 Modulation of scene consistency and task demand on language-driven eye movements for audio-visual integration. article (429)
2016-07 詞彙邊界線索影響閱讀中文表現的眼動證據 article (394)
2016-07 詞彙邊界線索影響閱讀中文表現的眼動證據 article (337)
2015-07 The influence of syntactic category and semantic constraints on lexical ambiguity resolution: An eye movement study of processing Chinese homographs. article (520)
2015-01 A psycholinguistic database for traditional Chinese character naming article (927)
2014.01 Eye movement guidance in reading unspaced text in Thai and Chinese book/chapter (1303)
2014-09 A model of how working memory capacity influences insight problem solving in situations with multiple visual representations: An eye tracking analysis article (1125)
2014-05 Eye movements predict students' computer-based assessment performance of physics concepts in different presentation modalities article (1340)
2014 基於眼動分析之雲端高互動合作式數位閱讀平台的圖文整合模式與評估研究 report (302)
2013.08 臺灣地區華人情緒與相關心理生理資料庫—臺灣情緒圖片系統 article (1300)
2013 美感體驗歷程與大腦心智反應-消費者對品牌識別標誌之雙軌美感體驗歷程 report (498)
2012.09 Parafoveal semantic information extraction in traditional Chinese reading article (1207)
2012.08 The time course of contextual effects on visual word recognition article (898)
2012-09 心智科學大型研究設備建置及共同使用服務計畫--台灣心智科學腦造影中心 report (1214)(1038)(532)
2012 類別學習中多重系統觀點之檢驗:行為實驗與心理計量取向 (II) report (478)