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99 火星HiRISE數值地形模型之產製及應用於火星地表探測車定位之研究 report (1624)
2021.02 Processing Framework for Landslide Detection Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Intensity-Image Analysis article (29)
2021-03 臺北市住宅興建決定因素:市場特性、開發政策與土地產權的整合觀點 article (26)
2020-07 地籍區塊鏈平台上的土地變遷歷史追蹤機制 conference (107)
2020-06 合成孔徑雷達干涉產製數值高程模型影響因素評估 - 以季節像對與多視處理為例 article (23)
2020-01 Big Climate Data Assessment of Viticulture Conditions for Wine Quality Determination article (25)
2019-12 農地資料分析與公開作業機制之研究 report
2019-06 Analyses of Time Series InSAR Signatures for Land Cover Classification: Case studies over dense forestry areas with L-band SAR images article (86)
2019 Analysis of the seasonal velocity difference of the Greenland Russell glacier using multi-sensor data article (86)
2018-12 高雄氣爆後的房價被市場暴棄了? article (86)
2018-09 利用偏移偵測法監測格陵蘭Russell冰河之位移 article (151)
2018-06 2288 - Intercity Transportation's Role in Affecting Distal Area's Urbanization/Green Coverage – a High-Speed Rail's Case in Urban Land Teleconnections article (277)
2017 Investigation of potential volcanic risk from Mt. Baekdu by DInSAR time series analysis and atmospheric correction article (362)
2016 Improving the quality of InSAR DEMs through a segmentation-based co-registration approach article (477)
2015-11 原住民立法委員選舉單一選區劃分可能性初探 article (906)
2015-10 Estimation of Green Water Footprint of Rice Paddies in taitung area using MODIS data conference (242)
2014.04 政大校園使用者空間流動特性之檢視 report (905)
2014-09 Megaflood analysis through channel networks of the Athabasca Valles, Mars based on multi-resolution stereo DTMs and 2D hydrodynamic modeling article (567)
2014-06 Ground deformation tracking over Mt. Baekdu: A pre-evaluation of possible magma recharge by D-InSAR analysis article (671)
2014 乾延遲改正後之雷達差分干涉成果評估 article (301)
2013.09 Land cover analysis with high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and its application for CO2 flux estimations book/chapter
2013-09 Multi-resolution digital terrain models and their potential for Mars landing site assessments article (807)
2013 Long-term monitoring of Datun volcanoes using multiple SAR data conference (942)
2013 環境變遷與原住民土地利用知識之數位化研究 I~III report (282)
2013 以農業永續發展為目標之水資源指標建立與評估 report (309)