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2017 Investigation of potential volcanic risk from Mt. Baekdu by DInSAR time series analysis and atmospheric correction article (362) 9 無資料
2014-09 Megaflood analysis through channel networks of the Athabasca Valles, Mars based on multi-resolution stereo DTMs and 2D hydrodynamic modeling article (567) 6 無資料
2012-11 Toward generalized planetary stereo analysis scheme - Prototype implementation with multi-resolution Martian stereo imagery article (691) 5 無資料
2014-06 Ground deformation tracking over Mt. Baekdu: A pre-evaluation of possible magma recharge by D-InSAR analysis article (671) 5 無資料
2019-06 Analyses of Time Series InSAR Signatures for Land Cover Classification: Case studies over dense forestry areas with L-band SAR images article (86) 5 無資料
2013-09 Multi-resolution digital terrain models and their potential for Mars landing site assessments article (807) 3 無資料
2019 Analysis of the seasonal velocity difference of the Greenland Russell glacier using multi-sensor data article (86) 2 無資料
2021.02 Processing Framework for Landslide Detection Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Intensity-Image Analysis article (28) 2 無資料
2016 Improving the quality of InSAR DEMs through a segmentation-based co-registration approach article (476) 1 無資料
2020-01 Big Climate Data Assessment of Viticulture Conditions for Wine Quality Determination article (25) 0 無資料