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2019-09 Effect of email-delivered CBT-I on insomnia, anxiety, and depression for university students in Japan: a randomized controlled trial conference (152)
2019-09 Evaluation of the efficacy of email-delivered VS face-to-face group cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia in youths: a randomized wait-list controlled trial conference (113)
2017-06 Dysfunctional Sleep Belief in Cancer-Related Insomnia conference (150)
2017-03 阻塞性睡眠呼吸中止症與憂鬱情緒關係之探討:白天嗜睡具中介效果 conference (137)
2017-03 個案報告:以認知行為治療降低 OSA 患者殘餘嗜睡表現 conference (131)
2017-01 Effect of Cognitive Reappraisal Ability on Pre-sleep Emotion Regulation and Sleep Onset conference (136)
2017-01 The Neurophysiology Basis of Sleep Perception on during Sleep Onset Period conference (166)
2017-01 The Relative Priority of Sleep Among Daily Life Activities:Attitude Versus Practice conference (138)
2017-01 失眠的病因發展模式 conference (121)
2015-03 阻塞型睡眠呼吸中止症、嗜睡程度與憂鬱情緒之關係探討 conference (167)
2013-06 Parents'acceptance of behavioral intervention for sleep problems in infant and toddlers in Taiwan conference
2013-06 Treatment Efficacy of CBT-I in Primary Insomnia Patients with Different Levels of Anxiety conference
2013-06 Maladaptive Sleep Beliefs and Stress-related Sleep Vulnerability Predict Insomnia at a Long-term Follow-up conference
2013-06 An Event-Related Potential (ERP) Analysis of Different Sleep Effects in False Memory conference
2013-03 以事件關聯電位探討睡眠效果影響錯誤記憶之歷程 conference
2013-03 睡眠脆弱特質、壓力因應及睡眠的不當認知在失眠發展歷程所扮演的角色 conference
2012-12 Association between treatment outcome and changes in cognitive and behavioral variables following CBT for insomnia conference
2012-06 The development of a questionnaire to assess sleep-wake flexibility : preliminary data conference
2012-06 Effect of 10-min light exposure on subsequent sleep during brief awakening in the middle of night conference
2012-06 The association between treatmant effect and changes of cognitive and behavioral factors following CBT-I treatment in primary and comorbid insomnia conference
2012-03 短暫午睡對國小學童認知功能與情緒之影響 conference
2012-03 不同波長成分光照對夜間短暫清醒後之後續睡眠的影響 conference
2012-03 失眠認知行為治療的執行程度與治療效果間的關係 conference
2011-10 The relationship between psychophysiological reactivity to stress and music and sleep improving effect of music conference
2011-10 Factors associated with difficulty in readjustment of sleep-wake schedule after long-vacation in college students conference