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2020-08 Leader Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and Employee Unethical Conduct: Social Learning of Moral Disengagement Behavioral Principle article (14)
2020-02 一起快樂合作吧!團隊調節焦點 ; 團隊情感氛圍與團隊績效的關係:轉換型領導的調節中介模型 article (40)
2017 Human Resource Systems, Employee Creativity, and Firm Innovation: The Moderating Role of Firm Ownership article (537)
2017 Team goal orientation composition, team efficacy and team performance: The separate roles of team leader and members article (304)
2017 Toward a Goal Orientation–Based Feedback-Seeking Typology: Implications for Employee Performance Outcomes article (341)
2016 Emotional intelligence, job insecurity, and psychological strain among real estate agents: a test of mediation and moderation models article (493)
2014.01 Mechanism linking transformational leadership and team performance: The mediating roles of team goal orientation and group affective tone article (934)
2014-12 Mentoring across cultures: The role of gender and marital status in Taiwan and the U.S. article (867)
2013.06 Interaction of gender, mentoring, and power distance on career attainment: A cross-cultural comparison article (981)
2012-08 Unfolding proactive process for creativity: Integration of employee proactivity, information exchange, and psychological safety perspectives article (1032)
2012-03 The relationship between conflict and team performance in Taiwan: the moderating effect of goal orientation article (1228)
2010 Unbundling task conflict and relationship conflict: The moderating role of team goal orientation and conflict management article (1073)
2009.08 From single author to co-author: 我的國際合作研究與發表經驗 article (881)
2009-09 亮綺印網科技股份有限公司 article (737)
2009-08 Employee learning orientation, transformational leadership, and employee creativity: The mediating role of employee creative self-efficacy article (960)
2009-08 From single author to co-author: 我的國際合作研究與發表經驗 article (979)
2008.10 Strategic HRM in China: Configurations and competitive advantage article (1017)
2008.02 團隊知識轉換能力組合與知識分享、知識創造及創新績效—知識螺旋理論的新觀點驗證 article (747)
2006.06 團隊導向人力資源管理活動及社會資本對團隊知識分享與創新之影響 article (673)
2006.06 團隊成員目標導向對於自我與集體效能及創新之影響—一個多層次研究 article (761)
2006.04 團隊成員人格特質對知識分享及創新績效之影響—個人與團隊層次的分析 article (620)
2003.1 團隊多元化與知識分享及創新—社會資本之中介效果 article (636)
2003.06 台灣大陸母子公司間知識移轉與吸收影響因素之研究 article (737)
2003.06 團隊多元化與知識分享、知識創造及創新績效 article (624)
2003.06 人力資源管理活動、雇用關係與員工反應之關聯性研究—心理契約觀點 article (905)