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Date Title Type  Full Text Scopus▼ WOS
2009-08 Employee learning orientation, transformational leadership, and employee creativity: The mediating role of employee creative self-efficacy article (973) 895 816
2012-08 Unfolding proactive process for creativity: Integration of employee proactivity, information exchange, and psychological safety perspectives article (1045) 214 190
2017 Human Resource Systems, Employee Creativity, and Firm Innovation: The Moderating Role of Firm Ownership article (606) 137 124
2010 Unbundling task conflict and relationship conflict: The moderating role of team goal orientation and conflict management article (1084) 49 47
2014.01 Mechanism linking transformational leadership and team performance: The mediating roles of team goal orientation and group affective tone article (948) 46 41
2017 Toward a Goal Orientation–Based Feedback-Seeking Typology: Implications for Employee Performance Outcomes article (347) 41 36
2013.06 Interaction of gender, mentoring, and power distance on career attainment: A cross-cultural comparison article (992) 32 24
2016 Emotional intelligence, job insecurity, and psychological strain among real estate agents: a test of mediation and moderation models article (535) 6 7
2017 Team goal orientation composition, team efficacy and team performance: The separate roles of team leader and members article (324) 5 4
2014-12 Mentoring across cultures: The role of gender and marital status in Taiwan and the U.S. article (881) 5 9
2016-01 Leader UPB and Employee Unethical Conduct: A Moral Disengagement Perspective conference (422) 4 無資料
2020-08 Leader Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and Employee Unethical Conduct: Social Learning of Moral Disengagement Behavioral Principle article (41) 2 2