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2019-03 Distinctive signatures of the spin- and momentum-forbidden dark exciton states in the photoluminescence of strained WSe2 monolayers under thermalization article (75)
2018-09 Armchair MoS2 nanoribbons turned into half metals through deposition of transition-metal and Si atomic chains article (420)
2018 Anti-site defect effect on the electronic structure of a Bi2Te3 topological insulator article (689)
2017-07 Electronic structures of hybrid graphane/boron nitride nanoribbons with hydrogen vacancies article (364)
2016-12 Thin films of topological crystalline insulator SnTe in contact with heterogeneous atomic layers article (630)
2015-10 Electronic Structures of Clusters of Hydrogen Vacancies on Graphene article (634)
2014.09 Topological states of Sb thin films contacted by a single sheet of heterogeneous atoms article (1077)
2014.08 Energy band modulation of graphane by hydrogen-vacancy chains: A first-principles study article (723)
2013-03 Topological surface states revealed by Sb thin films adsorbed with impurity atoms article (942)
2012.03 Electronic structures of graphane with vacancies and graphene adsorbed with fluorine atoms article (765)
2012 Coupling of a carbon nanotube and graphene nanoribbon by titanium and vanadium chains: a first-principles study article (1053)
2011.05 Structural and Electronic Properties of Bismuth and Lead Nanowires Inside Carbon Nanotubes article (899)
2011.01 Exploring the interaction between the boron nitride nanotube and biological molecules article (650)
2011.01 Low-energy electronic structures of nanotube–nanoribbon hybrid systems article (881)
2011.01 Structural and electronic properties of graphene nanotube–nanoribbon hybrids article (933)
2010.11 Graphane with defect or transition-metal impurity article (861)
2009 A metallic graphene layer adsorbed with lithium article (637)
2008 Magnetic molecules made of nitrogen or boron-doped fullerenes article (784)
2007 Density functional calculation of hydrogen-filled C60 molecules article (36)
2006.02 True nanocable assemblies with insulating BN nanotube sheaths and conducting Cu nanowire cores. article (1186)
2006 Nanocables made of a transition metal wire and boron nitride sheath: Density functional calculations article (793)
2005 Doping a C60 molecule with potassium atoms: A theoretical study article (922)
2005 Transition metal/carbon nanotube hybrid structures article (35)
2004 Theoretical study of the single-walled gold (5,3) nanotube article (971)
2004 Calculations of electronic structure of Ge44Mn2Ba8 and Ge42Mn4Ba8 clathrates article (1135)