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2017-08 ICE: Item Concept Embedding via Textual Information conference (238)
2016-10 FIN10K: A Web-based Information System for Financial Report Analysis and Visualization conference (211)
2016-09 Query-based Music Recommendations via Preference Embedding conference (273)
2016-09 Query-based music recommendations via preference embedding conference (318)
2016-09 Dish Discovery via Word Embeddings on Restaurant Reviews conference (98)
2015-09 Exploiting Latent Social Listening Representations for Music Recommendations conference (589)
2015-06 Social Influencer Analysis with Factorization Machines conference (345)
2015 On the Construction and Analysis of Financial Time-Series-Oriented Lexicons conference (266)
2014-12 Leverage Item Popularity and Recommendation Quality via Cost-sensitive Factorization Machines conference (831)
2014-12 關聯式文本探勘資訊探索實驗平台設計─以「二二八事件臺灣本地新聞史料彙編」為例 conference (61)
2014-12 數位人文脈絡下的史學應用研究─《自由中國》內涵之檢證與詮釋 conference (61)
2014-10 Financial Keyword Expansion via Continuous Word Vector Representations conference (249)
2014-07 Corporate Default Prediction via Deep Learning conference (392)
2013-10 Using emotional context from article for contextual music recommendation conference (1063)
2013-10 Financial Sentiment Analysis for Risk Prediction conference (309)
2013 Music recommendation based on multiple contextual similarity information conference (891)
2012 Visualization on Financial Terms via Risk Ranking from Financial Reports conference (370)
2012 Discovering Leaders from Social Network by Action Cascade conference (335)
2011 NTU Approaches to Subtopic Mining and Document Ranking at NTCIR-9 Intent Task conference (259)