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Apr-04 側面導向程式設計應用於安全機制之研究及B2C 3A價值識別研究 report
2020-07 初探基於 CQRS 與 Event Sourcing 智能合約稽核機制設計 conference (32)
2019.08 From Sentiment Analysis to Policy Preferences: A Methodological Comparison of Manual, Automatic, and Crowdsourced Internet Public Opinion Analysis conference (49)
2019.04 An Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Range Proof for Decentralized Applications conference (40)
2019-09 A Service Platform for Streamlining the Production of Cyber-Physical Interactive Performance Art article (22)
2019-06 應用區塊鏈技術實現整合照護之細粒度資料分享需求論文摘要 conference (208)
2019-05 應用區塊鏈技術實現整合照護之細粒度資料分享需求 conference (125)
2019-04 An Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Range Proof for Decentralized Applications conference (58)
2018 MSig-BFT: A Witness-Based Consensus Algorithm for Private Blockchains conference
2017-11 Toward a Service Platform for Developing Smart Contracts on Blockchain in BDD and TDD styles conference
2016-12 A functional reactive DSL service facility for mixed-reality interactive performance art conference (370)
2016-11 Exploring social media analytics: Characteristics and processes article (254)
2016-11 社群媒體資料分析:特性與歷程的初探 article (53)
2016-04 Wise: A Wearable Platform for Performer-Guided Mixed-Reality Interactive Performance Art conference (320)
2015-10 Context and Data Management for Multitenant Enterprise Applications in SaaS Environments: A Middleware Approach conference (342)
2015-04 A platform for detecting height-level contexts from complex event streams in pervasive environment conference (337)
2015-03 Automatic query rewriting schemes for multitenant SaaS applications article (684)
2015-03 Supporting Patients’ Privacy Preferences Using Aspects article (620)
2015-03 Automatic Query Rewriting Schemes for Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications article (457)
2015-01 A Platform for Detecting High-Level Contexts from Complex Event Streams in Pervasive Environment conference (284)
2015 以Scala研發函數反應式之智慧環境領域專屬語言 report (146)
2015 跨平台社群媒體巨量資料蒐集與分析 report (354)
2014-09 A service framework for multi-tenant enterprise application in SaaS environments conference (688)
2013.08 Development of a daily mortality probability prediction model from Intensive Care Unit patients using a discrete-time event history analysis article (1041)
2013-07 A scripting language for automating secure multiparty computation conference (757)