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2010-03 Aspect-oriented design and implementation of adaptable access control for Electronic Medical Records article (586) 21 無資料
2010 Aspect-oriented design and implementation of adaptable access control for Electronic Medical Records article (633) 21 無資料
2011-06 Developing guideline-based decision support systems using protégé and jess article (408) 14 無資料
2006-01 Type-directed weaving of aspects for higher-order functional languages conference (2320) 13 無資料
2010-03 A guideline-based decision support for pharmacological treatment can improve the quality of hyperlipidemia management article (970) 12 無資料
2007 An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Privacy-Aware Access Control article (880) 9 無資料
2005-04 A Practical Aspect Framework for Enforcing Fine-Grained Access Control in Web Applications conference (2121) 8 無資料
2013.08 Development of a daily mortality probability prediction model from Intensive Care Unit patients using a discrete-time event history analysis article (1041) 7 無資料
2012 Toward a tenant-aware query rewriting engine for Universal Table schema-mapping conference (595) 7 無資料
2007-08 A Compilation Model for Aspect-Oriented Polymorphically Typed Functional Languages conference 5 無資料
2006-01 An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Declarative Access Control for Web Applications conference 4 無資料
2007 On instrumenting obfuscated java bytecode with aspects article (597) 4 無資料
2009-01 Designing Aspects for Side-Effect Localization conference (352) 3 無資料
2015-03 Automatic Query Rewriting Schemes for Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications article (457) 3 無資料
2015-03 Automatic query rewriting schemes for multitenant SaaS applications article (684) 3 無資料
2013-03 Modularizing tenant-specific schema customization in SaaS applications article (571) 3 無資料
2016-04 Wise: A Wearable Platform for Performer-Guided Mixed-Reality Interactive Performance Art conference (320) 2 無資料
2005-12 Using Dynamic Aspects for Delegating Fine-Grained Access Control for Web Applications conference (1733) 2 無資料
2019-04 An Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Range Proof for Decentralized Applications conference (58) 2 無資料
2009-08 An Empirical Study on Privacy and Secure Multi-party Computation using Exponentiation conference 2 無資料
2006-06 A Rapid Development Environment for Synthesizing Guideline-Based Decision Support Systems conference 1 無資料
2019-09 A Service Platform for Streamlining the Production of Cyber-Physical Interactive Performance Art article (22) 1 無資料
2011.06 Side-Effect Localization for Lazy, Purely Functional Languages via Aspects article (1005) 1 無資料
2015-01 A Platform for Detecting High-Level Contexts from Complex Event Streams in Pervasive Environment conference (284) 0 無資料
2016-12 A functional reactive DSL service facility for mixed-reality interactive performance art conference (371) 0 無資料