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2019-11 Specialization codes: Knowledge, knowers and student success 專書篇章 (36)
2019-06 Second Language Identities in Study Abroad Contexts: Case Studies of Taiwanese Exchange Students conference
2018-12 Knowledge and knowers in online learning: What constructivism does to students conference
2018-06 Language and cultural challenges of English-medium instruction: Are they barriers or enablers? conference (82)
2018-01 Journey to the West: Taiwanese exchange students abroad conference (64)
2017-11 Designing and implementing 'Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication' conference (110)
2017-08 線上課程「跨文化溝通入門」: 從設計到實施 book/chapter (266)
2017-08 在別人身上看見自己: 大學英文課程中文化短片之運用 book/chapter (278)
2017-07 What makes a good language learner: Students' views conference (62)
2016-11 Students' perspectives on good language learners conference (56)
2016-05 Shedding the shackles of examination-dictated English learning: Taiwanese university entrants' blogging experiences article (216)
2016 Investigating mediation styles of second language listener verbal reports article (752)
2016 Students' perspective on what it takes to be an effective language learner: How can it guide teaching practice? article (720)
2016 LCT in qualitative research: Creating a translation device for studying constructivist pedagogy book/chapter (777)
2015-10 LCT in qualitative research: Creating a translation device for studying constructivist pedagogy book/chapter (602)
2015-07 Teaching and learning in the international classroom conference (53)
2015-06 L2 Blogging: Who thrives and who does not? article (486)
2015-05 University entrants in the blogosphere conference (47)
2014-03 Going to university in Asia: A case study of Anglo and Hispanic students conference (63)
2014 Conducting verbal reports to study Chinese-speaking English learners'' listening: The use of prompts article (1713)
2014 大學課室國際化之教與學: 挑戰與機會 report (134)
2013.05 East Asian teaching practices through the eyes of Western learners article (1262)
2013-07 Investigating the reasons behind language learners' differing perceptions of blogging conference (56)
2012.11 When Chinese learners meet constructivist pedagogy online article (1022)
2012-06 Western students' experiences of an Asian learning environment: Towards extending cultural boundaries conference (68)