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2021-07 Social circles during a study exchange conference (6)
2019-06 Second Language Identities in Study Abroad Contexts: Case Studies of Taiwanese Exchange Students conference
2018-12 Knowledge and knowers in online learning: What constructivism does to students conference
2018-06 Language and cultural challenges of English-medium instruction: Are they barriers or enablers? conference (194)
2018-01 Journey to the West: Taiwanese exchange students abroad conference (143)
2017-11 Designing and implementing 'Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication' conference (218)
2017-07 What makes a good language learner: Students' views conference (140)
2016-11 Students' perspectives on good language learners conference (147)
2015-07 Teaching and learning in the international classroom conference (129)
2015-05 University entrants in the blogosphere conference (108)
2014-03 Going to university in Asia: A case study of Anglo and Hispanic students conference (152)
2013-07 Investigating the reasons behind language learners' differing perceptions of blogging conference (122)
2012-06 Western students' experiences of an Asian learning environment: Towards extending cultural boundaries conference (143)
2012-04 A sociological perspective on student experiences of cross-border learning conference (173)
2011-01 Searching for the ideal blogger conference
2010-06 A vacuum of legitimacy: Students' experiences of constructivist pedagogy online conference
2008-06 Chinese learners online: Challenges and coping strategies conference (161)
2008-02 The adaptation of Chinese international students to online learning conference