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2019-01 University lecturers' experiences of teaching in English in an international classroom article (34)
2016-05 Shedding the shackles of examination-dictated English learning: Taiwanese university entrants' blogging experiences article (276)
2016 Investigating mediation styles of second language listener verbal reports article (871)
2016 Students' perspective on what it takes to be an effective language learner: How can it guide teaching practice? article (788)
2015-06 L2 Blogging: Who thrives and who does not? article (516)
2014 Conducting verbal reports to study Chinese-speaking English learners'' listening: The use of prompts article (1767)
2013.05 East Asian teaching practices through the eyes of Western learners article (1285)
2012.11 When Chinese learners meet constructivist pedagogy online article (1046)
2008 The adaptation of Chinese international students to online flexible learning: Two case studies article (801)(1003)