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2019-03 Cost-Sensitive Decision Tree with Multiple Resource Constraints article (54)
2018 On electronic word-of-mouth diffusion in social networks: curiosity and influence article (296)
2017-02 Involuntary migration in cyberspaces: The case of MSN messenger discontinuation article (389)
2016-08 Time-constrained Cost Sensitive Decision Tree Induction article (363)
2015-01 Requirement or promise? An analysis of the first-mover advantage in quality contracting article (640)
2014-11 Predicting the influence of users' posted information for eWOM advertising in social networks article (475)
2014 Cost-sensitive decision tree induction with label-dependent late constraints article (700)
2014 Predicting the Influence of Users’ Posted Information for eWOM Advertising in Social Networks article (343)
2012-09 A Constructive Periodicity Bound for the Unbounded Knapsack Problem article (1032)
2009.12 Mining Sequential Patterns in Business-to-business(B2B) Environment article (747)
2009.11 A Dynamic Discretization Approach for Constructing Decision Trees with a Continuous Label article (866)
2009.10 Discovering Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) Sequential Patterns from Customers'' Purchasing Data article (1000)
2009.08 Dynamic Pricing and Warranty Policies for Products with Fixed lifetime article (995)
2009.05 Maintenance Outsourcing Contracts for New Technology Adoptions article (950)
2009.04 Constructing a decision tree from data with Hierarchical Class Labels article (874)
2009.03 Building a Cost-constrained Decision Tree with Mulitiple Condition Attributes article (887)
2009.01 Learning Effects on Maintenance Outsourcing article (928)
2008.04 Context-based Market Basket Analysis in Multiple-Store Environment article (957)
2008-06 Organizational Learning with Continuous Depreciation of Knowledge article (468)
2006.08 Incentive maintenance outsourcing contracts for channel coordination and improvement article (772)
2006.01 Maintenance Outsourcing of a Multi-process Manufacturing System with Multiple Contractors article (996)
2006 Optimal process control policies under a time-varying cost structure article (602)
2005-08 Market basket analysis in a multiple store environment article (1141)
2005 Finding theKth shortest path in a time-schedule network article (882)(1071)
2003-08 Time Analysis for Planning a Path in a Time-Window Network article (331)