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2019-09 Returns to Scale and Asset Prices article (67)
2019-05 Peer Effects on Corporate Cash Holdings article (58)
2019-04 Earnings Management and Post-Split Drift article (59)
2018-09 Information Content of Offer Date Revelations: A Fresh Look at Seasoned Equity Offerings article (208)
2018-08 Risk and performance of bonds sponsored by private equity firms article (431)
2018-01 Share Pledgpes and Margin Call Pressure article (70)
2017-10 What do Stock Price Levels Tell us about The Firms? article (405)
2017-06 Limits-to-arbitrage, investment frictions, and innovation anomalies article (292)
2017 What do stock price levels tell us about the firms? article (287)
2015-12 The Information Content of R article (400)
2015-12 The Information Content of R&D reductions article (396)
2015-01 Stock Market Valuation of R&D Expenditure: The Role of Corporate Governance article (998)
2014-02 Informational Content of Options Trading on Acquirer Announcement Return article (1006)
2013-04 Motivation for Repurchases: A Life Cycle Explanation article (1194)
2012-02 Informed Traders: Linking Legal Insider Trading and Share Repurchases article (869)
2010.04 Share Repurchases as a Tool to Mislead Investors article (1170)
2009-11 Returns to Scale and Asset Prices article (47)
2008-06 Are There Long-Run Implications of Analyst Coverage for IPOs? article (1200)
2008-03 The IPO Derby: Are There Consistent Losers and Winners on This Track? article (982)
2007-09 Do Managers Time the Market? Evidence from Open-Market Share Repurchases article (848)
2006-05 Earnings Quality and Stock Returns article (1160)
2004-09 Economic Sources of Gain in Stock Repurchases article (993)
2004 The Accrual Effect on Future Earnings article (1535)
2004 Market-based Evaluation for Models to Predict Bond Ratings article (1078)
2003 When will the controlling shareholder expropriate investors? Cash flow right and investment opportunity perspectives article (1098)