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2121 Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation on Polysemy with Neural Network Models: A Case Study of BUN in Taiwan Hakka article (26)
2020-12 Visual Navigation for UAVs Landing on Accessory Building Floor conference (32)
2020-12 微型無人機基於視覺自動區域偵察與物件偵測定位 conference (22)
2020-11 Vision-based Drone Navigation for Orbital Inspection of Pole-like Objects conference (23)
2020-09 Real-Time Vision-Based River Detection and Lateral Shot Following for Autonomous UAVs conference (33)
2020-05 Supervised word sense disambiguation on polysemy with bidirectional LSTM conference (32)
2020 計算思維與圖書館創新服務指引 book/chapter (15)
2019-12 大學圖書館的創新思維 book (52)
2019-11 Real-Time Autonomous UAV Task Navigation using Behavior Tree conference (35)
2019-11 UAV System Integration of Real-time Sensing and Flight Task Control for Autonomous Building Inspection Task conference (35)
2019-09 Influence of Culture, Transparency,Trust, and Degree of Automation on Automation Use article (65)
2019-06 A Carrot in Probabilistic Grid Approach for Quadrotor Line Following on Vertical Surfaces conference (71)
2019-06 Social Event Magnitudes via Background Influences and Engagement Capacities and its Applications conference (170)
2019-06 計算思維與數位創新 book (169)
2019-01 建置臺灣客語語料庫 研究報告 (98)
2018-12 大數據分析技術與研究意涵 book (112)
2018-12 人文社會大數據研究 - 大數據分析技術與研究意涵 專書篇章 (143)
2018-12 台灣人權促進會黑名單相關論述之探討: 一個數位人文研究的視角 article (26)
2018-11 The Effect of Culture on Trust in Automation: Reliability and Workload article (137)
2018-05 Body-part metonymy and metonymy-based metaphor in Chinese: Evidence from a corpus-based study on body-part terms conference (195)
2018-04 計算思維與數位人文研究意涵 article (215)
2017-11 Analyses on the Authority Migration and Geographical Context in Progeny Networks conference (369)
2017-11 Near Synonymous Body-Part Terms in Chinese: A Corpus-Based Study conference (177)
2017-11 漢語虛詞量化分析與作者寫作風格研究 conference
2017-08 Meaning Extensions, Word Component Structures and Their Distribution: Linguistic Usages Containing Body-Part Terms Liǎn/Miàn, Yǎn/Mù and Zuǐ/Kǒu in Taiwan Mandarin conference (178)