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2011.05 TUIC: Enabling Tangible Interaction on Capacitive Multi-touch Displays article (893) 51 無資料
2011.10 Clip-on Gadgets: Expanding Multi-touch Interaction Area with Unpowered Tactile Controls article (740) 33 無資料
2013.08 Rapid selection of hard-to-access targets by thumb on mobile touch-screens article (817) 21 無資料
2016-05 Motion Guidance Sleeve: Guiding the Forearm Rotation Through External Artificial Muscles conference (293) 14 無資料
2016-12 A novel comparative deep learning framework for facial age estimation article (429) 12 無資料
2012.12 MagMobile: Enhancing Social Interactions with Rapid View-Stitching Games of Mobile Devices article (835) 4 無資料
2012 MagMobile: Enhancing social interactions with rapid view-stitching games of mobile devices conference (757) 4 無資料
2012.09 Clip-on gadgets: expandable tactile controls for multi-touch devices article (650) 3 無資料
2014-11 FlickBoard: Enabling trackpad interaction with automatic mode switching on a capacitive-sensing keyboard conference (608) 2 無資料
2012 Clip-on gadgets: Expandable tactile controls for multi-touch devices conference (628) 2 無資料
2017-06 Xketch: A Sketch-Based Prototyping Tool to Accelerate Mobile App Design Process conference (278) 1 無資料
2011.07 A Novel Projector Calibration Approach of Multi-Resolution Display article (795) 0 無資料
2014-05 HearMe: Assisting the visually impaired to record vibrant moments of everyday life conference (1155) 0 無資料