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2020-1 Institutionalization of Competition-based Funding under Neoliberalism in East Asia article (15)
2020-09 東南亞區域高等教育發展對我國人才交流政策之啟示 article (13)
2019-12 The Relationships among Socialization, Professional Training and Perspectives on Job Market: Evidence from Taiwan Doctoral Students Survey article (17)
2019-09 An alternative model of international joint education in Northeast Asia, Annual Bulletin article (5)
2018-11 韓國自由學期之政策探討與個案分析 article (55)
2018-07 A study of application of transaction cost and relational capital perspectives relationship between institutional governance and institutional performance: Comparison between Taiwan and Mainland China HEIs. conference (5)
2018-03 教師轉換型領導與學生就業力發展之研究:以社會認知生涯理論論述之 article (10)
2017-12 Innovative Pedagogy: A Case Study – the Culinary Arts College in Taiwan article (645)
2017-11 Knowledge Transfer, Employability and Subjective Well-being: A Comparative Study on Taiwan and Mainland China article (339)
2017-09 Teachers Image by 2030: The Case of Jenaschool Plan article (294)
2017-08 Impact of Professors' Transformational Leadership on University Students' Employability Development According to Social Cognitive Career Theory article (123)
2017-07 大學生學習模式與學習成效間關聯之研究:深度取向學習投入為中介變項 article (221)
2017-06 Perceptions of university professors in Taiwan towards institutional resource and social capital: Internal and external perspectives article (242)
2017-06 The Effects of Student Learning Motivation on College Student’s Learning Outcomes: Student Learning Engagement as the Mediating Effect article (274)
2017-04 Global Citizenship and the Practice of International Education article (234)
2016-12 The Role and Identity of Educational Policy Think Tank in Taiwan: A Case Study of National Academy for Educational Research article (207)
2016-11 學校型態實驗教育之探析與學校行政變革 article (357)
2016-10 實驗教育的實施與混齡教學的嘗試 article (201)
2016-06 亞洲國家學術專業發展國際化程度之探討 article (228)
2016 Beyond neo-liberalism: Higher education diploma inflation in Taiwan. article (398)
2015-12 Globalization, Regional Organizations, and the Facets of Higher Education: Taiwan's Perspectives article (759)
2015-09 北美地區大學排名機構之分析:美國U.S. News & World Report及加拿大Maclean’s article (171)
2015-08 發展一個可行的教師領導模式 article (489)
2015-08 From No Child Left Behind to Flexibility: An Observation from East Asia article (255)
2015-03 朝向脈絡式的教育政策研究:評《政策與教育:教育研究的一些基柱》一書 article (154)