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2021-11 Ecogothic Chinatown book/chapter (45)
2021-05 The 'Phantasmatic' Chinatown in Helen Hunt Jackson's 'The Chinese Empire' and Mark Twain's Roughing It book/chapter (6)
2021-04 To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee : Dickinson's Manufacturing of the Wild West article (89)
2021 The ‘Phantasmatic’ Chinatown in Helen Hunt Jackson’s ‘The Chinese Empire’ and Mark Twain’s Roughing It book/chapter (23)
2020.11 Introduction to the Emily Dickinson Journal Special Issue on International Dickinson: Scholarship in English Translation article (63)
2020-12 Ecogothic Chinatown book/chapter
2020-10 Keats, Higginson, and Snakes: Yang Mu’s Transcultural "Courtship article (22)
2018-07 The Romance of Transportation in Wordsworth, Emerson, De Quincey, and Dickinson article (265)
2016-11 'The light that never was on sea or land': William Wordsworth in America and Emily Dickinson's 'Frostier' Style' article (490)
2015-01 “As Trade Had Suddenly Encroached”: Emily Dickinson, William Wordsworth and China article (689)
2014-04 Thomas De Quincey''s ''Serpentine'' Writing and Emily Dickinson''s Reptiles article (171)
2014 艾蜜莉狄瑾蓀與威廉華茲華斯和湯瑪士狄坤西跨大西洋的自然想像 report (171)
2013.11 Emily Dickinson's Asian Consumption article (992)
2013.10 In many and reportless places': Place Identity and Emily Dickinson's America article (929)
2012.04 Sacred/Sacrilegious Tourism in Emily Dickinson’s Poems article (1123)
2011-09 Asia, Animals and Apocalypse: The Narcotic Tour of Emily Dickinson and Thomas De Quincey. book/chapter (506)