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2020-06 從周邊反彈中國:越南的反中情緒、論述與宣傳 article (42)
2019-11 Competing for a Better Role Relation: International Relations, Sino-US Rivalry and Game of Weiqi article (46)
2017-12 Embedded Relationality and Role : History and Hierarchy in Vietnam’s China Policy article (181)
2017-03 「功能取向」對「關係導向」:比較小布希與歐巴馬政府的馬來西亞政策 article (156)
2015-12 關係平衡vs.普世改造:中美國際干預風格與大戰略思維之比較 article (556)
2015-03 Balance of relationship: the essence of Myanmar's China policy article (238)
2015-01 Balance of Relationship: the essence of Myanmar's China policy article (905)
2014-10 China’s Quest for Grand Strategy: Power, National Interest, or Relational Security? article (1094)
2013.03 Preaching Self-Responsibility: the Chinese style of global governance article (1285)
2011.10 Bridging Civilizations through Nothingness: Manchuria as Nishida Kitaro’s “Place. article (1247)