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2020-07 Faulkner’s Human Hive: Complex Systems in The Hamlet book
2019-07 Murder in the House of Memory: Faulkner’s Plantation Prototype and the Elite Planter in Flags in the Dust article (82)
2019-03 You have to be a transparent eyeball book (94)
2018-09 Mask in the Museum: The Impossible Gaze and the Indian Artifact in Verbinski's The Lone Ranger article (58)
2018-09 The Mansion, Digital Yoknapatawpha dataset (105)
2018-08 Emerson in the East: Perennial Philosophy as Humanistic Inquiry book/chapter (225)
2018-07 Emerson’s Sad Clown: American Transcendentalism and the Dilemma of the Humourist book/chapter (222)
2018-07 Emerson’s Sad Clown: American Romanticism and the Duality of the Humourist book (48)
2017-08 Romantic Legacies: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Contexts book (66)
2017-01 Sourceless Sunlight: Faulkner’s Sanctuary and the Sacrificial Crisis article
2016-07 Encoding Yoknapatawpha: Considering Faulkner in the Information Age article (179)
2015-12 Codas of Creation: Emanation Mysticism and Alchemical Regeneration in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life article (563)
2015-06 Encoding Yoknapatawpha: Faulkner in the Information Age article (124)
2012-09 American Metempsychosis: Emerson, Whitman and the New Poetry book/chapter (1282)
2012-03 Disrupting Flow: Seinfeld, Sopranos Series Finale and the Aesthetic of Anxiety article (858)
2011-04 Visions of Power and Dispossession: Emerson, Whitman and the ‘Robust Soul’ article (816)
2010-07 The Metempsychotic Mind: Emerson and Consciousness article (789)