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2019-11 MS2CNN: Predicting MS/MS spectrum based on protein sequence using deep convolutional neural networks article (13)
2019-11 The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens article (10)
2018-07 Polycomb-Dependent Chromatin Looping Contributes to Gene Silencing during Drosophila Development article (203)
2018-02 TADs are 3D structural units of higher-order chromosome organization in Drosophila article (361)
2017-11 Single-cell absolute contact probability detection reveals chromosomes are organized by multiple low-frequency yet specific interactions article (151)
2016-04 PSI/TM-Coffee: a web server for fast and accurate multiple sequence alignments of regular and transmembrane proteins using homology extension on reduced databases article (352)
2015-11 Multiple sequence alignment modeling: methods and applications article (510)
2015-10 Expression divergence of chemosensory genes between Drosophila sechellia and its sibling species and its implications for host shift article (362)
2015-07 TCS: a web server for multiple sequence alignment evaluation and phylogenetic reconstruction article (355)
2014-10 Alignathon: A competitive assessment of whole genome alignment methods article (405)
2014-06 TCS: A New Multiple Sequence Alignment Reliability Measure to Estimate Alignment Accuracy and Improve Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction article (355)
2013-10 Efficient and Interpretable Prediction of Protein Functional Classes by Correspondence Analysis and Compact Set Relations article (365)
2012-12 Prediction of nuclear proteins using nuclear translocation signals proposed by probabilistic latent semantic indexing conference (441)
2012-03 Accurate multiple sequence alignment of transmembrane proteins with PSI-Coffee article (565)
2012 Accurate multiple sequence alignment of transmembrane proteins with PSI-Coffee article (528)
2011-12 Improving the alignment quality of consistency based aligners with an evaluation function using synonymous protein words article (395)
2011-11 Using the T-Coffee package to build multiple sequence alignments of protein, RNA, DNA sequences and 3D structures article (952)
2011-07 T-Coffee: a web server for the multiple sequence alignment of protein and RNA sequences using structural information and homology extension article (699)
2011 Improving the Alignment Quality of Consistency Based Aligners with an Evaluation Function Using Synonymous Protein Words article (317)
2008-01 跨界投資中國及社會適應-台商、日商與韓商比較 article (197)