Research Project

During Tenure Number Title Position
2021/05/01-2022/04/30 MOST108-2511-H-004-001-MY3 人工智慧社群機器人發展對於網路政治言論與媒體呈現影響之研究(3/3) 計畫主持人
2020/05/01-2021/04/30 MOST108-2511-H-004-001-MY3 人工智慧社群機器人發展對於網路政治言論與媒體呈現影響之研究(2/3) 計畫主持人
2019/05/01-2020/04/30 MOST108-2511-H-004-001-MY3 人工智慧社群機器人發展對於網路政治言論與媒體呈現影響之研究(1/3) 計畫主持人

Self-Maintenance Research Project

During Tenure Number Title Position
1070101-1070830 數位收視調查:公視新媒體收視使用行為研究 共同主持人
1030901-1050830 iClonecast - Cloud-based service engine for multi-screen applications 共同主持人
1030901-1061030 Multi-screen social TV: investigating determinants of users’ attitudes, viewing behavior, and engagement 計畫主持人

Academic Grants

Year Content Project
109 Disaster fake news practices in Indonesian newsrooms during and after Palu earthquake: A Hierarchy-of-Influences Approach 外文編修
108 Screen Addiction and Media Multitasking among American and Taiwanese Users. 外文編修
108 Understanding How Dual Screening Influences Offline Civic Engagement Among Taiwanese Internet Users 外文編修
108 Bridging social capital matters to Social TV viewing: Investigating impact of social constructs on program loyalty 外文編修
108 Fake News during Natural Disaster: Information Flow, News Practices and Fact-Checking in Indonesia 出席國際學術會議發表論文
106 Why Taiwanese young adults don't jump on the bandwagon of Pokemon Go? Exploring barriers of innovation resistanc 出席國際學術會議發表論文
106 Understanding the relationships between mHealth apps' characteristics, trialability, and mHealth literacy 外文編修
106 Dual screening use: Examining social predictors and impact on online and offline political participation among Taiwanese Internet users 外文編修
105 調查多螢社交電視使用者態度、觀看行為和投入 鼓勵新進教師申請科技部專題研究計畫