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2020-09 Socialbots and disinformation in political domains: A systematic literature review conference (20)
2020-07 Why people continuously use gamified charitable crowdfunding applications in China: A mixed-method approach conference (18)
2020-06 社交媒體機器人在政治宣傳及科技選戰之運用:以臺灣選舉為例 conference (20)
2020-06 台灣OTT創新經營與轉型: 以公視 與Yahoo TV為例 conference (11)
2020-06 社交媒體機器人在政治宣傳及科技選戰之運用:以臺灣選舉為例. (Using social bots in political campaigns and elections in Taiwan) conference (9)
2020-05 Combating fake news in Indonesia: Exploring the practices of third-party fact-checker conference (251)
2020-05 Exploring partisan slant of online news framing: A Semantic Network Analysis on an energy referendum issue in Taiwan conference (233)
2020-05 Investigating the practices of fact-checking of fake news in Indonesia conference (239)
2020-05 Nomopobia and phubbing among Taiwanese emerging adults: Investigating affective smartphone use and family cohesion conference
2020-04 Socialbots in Taiwanese elections: Platform transience and government conference (127)
2019-05 How do Social TV engagement dimensions influence viewers’ program commitment and loyalty conference (42)
2019-05 When terrorists attack: Examining Indonesians’ crisis response communication process and media use conference (19)
2019-01 News framing and sentiment analysis of Go Green with Nuclear during 2018 Taiwanese referendum conference
2019-01 Fake news during natural disaster: Information flow, news practices and fact-checking in Indonesia conference (13)
2019-01 Sam-sex marriage referendum in Taiwan: Understanding socially mediated activism, fake news and social media trust conference (32)
2019-01 Taiwanese broadcasters’ competitive advantages in developing OTT platforms and harnessing user data: A case of Public Broadcasting Television Service Plus. conference (7)
2018-05 Examining factors influencing smartphone addiction among organizational workers in China conference
2018-05 Mobile Phones for Clinical Work Scale – Nurses (MPCWS-N): Development and psychometric evaluation conference
2018-05 News convergence in legacy media organisations and online news start-ups conference
2018-05 Predictors and outcomes of nurses’ use of personal mobile phones for work purposes (Mobile Communication Top Paper) conference
2018-05 The mediating effect of perceived trust on privacy concern and intention to use app-based location-based mobile advertising: Evidence from Taiwan conference
2018-05 Understanding Social TV user commitment: Motivations and engagement types matter! conference