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2008-01 The Business Income Tax in Taiwan: Introduction to Taiwan's Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax conference (1370)
2005-04 非營利醫院財務比率分析:管理決策之財務資訊 conference
2005-04 財團法人醫院稅務問題探討 conference
2002-03 我國的預算赤字—一個中央、地方政府一起吹的汽球? conference
2001-12 我國全民健康保險藥品費用預測模式之探討 conference
2001-12 財團法人醫院效率與財務之研究 conference
2001-12 台灣金融資產證券化:相關租稅問題之研析 conference
2001-07 WTO申請對台灣賦稅改革的衝擊和助力:兼論台灣十年來賦稅制度的主要變遷 conference
1999 Effects of Cost-Sharing in Taiwan's National Health Insurance System: Some Empirical Results conference
1999 一國兩制下「香港特別行政區」租稅制度:1997後變與不變的初步分析 conference
1998-03 Financial Structure Fiscal Difficulties and Finance Problems in Local Government of Taiwan conference
1998 我國全民健康保險門診藥品費用部分負擔經濟效果模擬分析 conference
1997-06 Economic Relations between Taiwan and HKSAR:For Better or Worse conference
1995-10 Fiscal Deficits Savings and Investment in Chinese Taipei: Recent Experiences and Prospects conference
1994 香港之外勞政策與經濟發展:兼論97以後可能之變化 conference
1992 ROC in Taiwan: 建立臺灣成為亞太營運中心的展望 conference
1992 市場經濟與政府預算功能 conference
1990-01 Distribution of Taxes among Households in the Republic of China: 1976-1978 conference
1990 Distribution of Taxes among Households in the Republic of China: 1976-1986 conference
1983-04 香港之外勞政策與經濟發展:兼論97以後可能之變化 conference
1983 我國當前公共支出政策之檢討與建議 conference