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2020-02 Public R&D spending and cross-sectional stock returns article (98)
2020-01 The Effects of Executive Compensation and Outside Monitoring on Firms' Pre-repurchase Disclosure Behavior and Post-repurchase Performance article (78)
2019-12 Internal Control Quality and Investment Efficiency article (132)
2019-08 Short-Sale Constraints and Options Trading: Evidence from Reg SHO article (237)
2019-06 Commitment to Build Trust by Socially Responsible Firms: Evidence from Cash Holdings article (179)
2019-01 Board Structure, Director Expertise, and Advisory Role of Outside Directors article (82)
2018-12 The Effects of Executive Compensation and Outside Monitoring on Firms’ Pre-Repurchase Disclosure Behavior and Post-Repurchase Performance article (76)
2018-12 The Wealth Effects of Operational Risk Announcements on Intra-Industry Competitors article (91)
2018-10 Quality of government institutions and spreads on sovereign credit default swaps article (289)
2018-08 The competitive effects of S&P 500 Index revisions article (332)
2018-06 The Determinants of Operational Risk on the Firm and CEO Characteristics in Industrial Firms article (305)
2018-05 Managerial ability and acquirer returns article (359)
2018-05 New product strategies and firm performance: CEO optimism article (393)
2018-03 The strategic choice of payment method in corporate acquisitions: The role of collective bargaining against unionized workers article (284)
2017 Observational Learning from Acquisition Outcomes of Innovation Leaders article (279)
2017 Corporate Governance and the Investment Efficiency of Diversified Corporate Asset Buyers article (247)
2016-03 The White Squire Defense: Evidence from Private Investments in Public Equity article (298)
2016 Does Corporate Governance Mitigate Bank Diversification Discount? article (237)
2016 The Relation between Sovereign Credit Rating Revisions and Economic growth article (234)
2016 Output Spillovers from Changes in Sovereign Credit Ratings article (236)
2015 Does Labor Power Affect the Likelihood of a Share Repurchase? article (205)
2014-07 Long-Run Stock Performance and Its Determinants for Asset Buyers article (248)
2014 The Evolution of Capital Asset Pricing Models article (380)
2014 R&D Increases and Long‐Term Performance of Rivals article (269)
2014 Insider Trading and Firm Performance Following Open Market Share Repurchase Announcements article (255)