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2019-12 The Evolving Geopolitical Landscape in the Post- Arbitration South China Sea article (87)
2017-09 Solving a Puzzle in the South China Sea book/chapter (337)
2017-04 South China Sea Lawfare: Post-Arbitration Policy Options and Future Prospects book/chapter (332)
2017-04 Taiwan's Security Policy Options and Future Prospects book/chapter (336)(274)
2017-01 南海仲裁案裁決的影響及台灣的因應作為 book/chapter (276)
2017-01 菲律賓外交政策變化對南海形勢的影響 book/chapter (228)
2016-03 Maritime security and the Indo-Pacific security link: the strategic reorientation of India and Taiwan book/chapter (564)
2016-01 South China Sea Lawfare: Legal Perspectives and International Responses to the Philippines v. China Arbitration Case book/chapter (570)
2016-01 當前南海問題的國際安全戰略趨勢 article (384)
2015-10 The Implications of the Maritime Silk Road Initiative for China’s Geostrategic Advance to South and Southeast Asia article (245)
2015-09 2013年南海地區形勢評估報告 book/chapter (666)
2015-08 The US Pivot to Asia: Taiwan’s security challenges and responses book/chapter (581)
2014 Taiwan’s south China sea policy revival book/chapter (308)
2013.05 Taiwan’s Strategy on New Directions of Cross-strait Relations book/chapter (1065)
2013-06 Transitional Security Pattern in the South China Sea and the Involvement of External Parties article (1009)
2013 Dilemma and domestic uncertainty: Taiwan's insecurity in the South China Sea article (698)
2012.03 歐債危機對美中歐盟關係變化的涵義 article (568)
2012.02 China’s Strategy in Asian Regional Cooperation: Toward Multi-layered Engagement book/chapter (1168)
2012 美中關係變遷與亞太安全新架構(II) report (371)
2011 美中關係變遷與亞太安全新架構(I) report (275)
2010 亞太安全合作理事會(CSCAP) report
2010 亞太安全合作理事會(CSCAP) report
2009.12 Human Security in the Asia Pacific: Perspective of Food and Health Security article (878)
2009 中國模式的影響評估 report
2009 中國模式的影響評估 report