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2008-06 Taiwan: The Prevalence of Traditional Security Issues conference
2007-11 An Uphill Endeavor for Revolution in Military Affairs in China conference
2007-09 Will Taiwan Go Nuclear? conference
2006-12 美中競合下的亞太穩定發展 conference
2006-11 Training Leading toward Joint Operation for Future Conflict in the Taiwan Strait conference
2006-07 1996年台海危機:成因、過程與影響 conference
2006-03 Globalization and Defense Industry in East Asia: Seeking Self-Sufficiency and Teaming up for Dual-Use Technology conference
2005-12 Practice without Theory: Fragile Stability in the Taiwan Strait conference
2005-11 From New Three-Offense and Three-Defense toward Joint Operation? conference
2005-11 China: A Benign Power or Belligerent Hegemony in the Horizon? conference
2005-09 Military Challenge on the Horizon? conference
2005-09 Increasing rivalry without Confrontation? on the Military Power of the PRC 2005 and beyond conference
2004-11 Conflict Prevention and Management in Northeast Asia: A Perspective from Taipei conference
2004-06 The PLA Modernization and Assessment conference
2004 Challenges for Taiwan conference
2003-08 Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan and China: A Comparison conference
2003-01 China's Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century: Threat Perception and Possible Response conference
2003-01 Challenges for Taiwan Security conference
2002-09 The Lessons of the 1995/1996 Military Taiwan Strait Crisis: Developing New Strategy toward the US and Taiwan conference
2001-06 Taiwan and US Missile Defense conference
2001-05 China and US Missile Defense conference
2000-11 China's Armament Policy in the Future: Struggling between Arms Import and Self-Reliance conference
2000-11 China's Political Structure and Its Implications on the Confidence Building Measures across the Taiwan Strait conference
1999-12 Taiwan's Military in the 21th Century: Redefinition and Reorganization conference
1999-11 PLA's View on the Revolution in Military Affairs and Its Military Development conference