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2019-02 Would IOET Make Economics More Neoclassical or More Behavioral? Richard Thaler’s Prediction, A Revisit book/chapter (295)
2018-12 The Use of Contextual Knowledge in a Digital Society 專書篇章 (66)
2018-11 Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation in Economics and Finance book/chapter (166)
2018-11 Decision Economics - Designs, Models, and Techniques for Boundedly Rational Decisions book/chapter (204)
2018-11 Heterogeneity, Price Discovery and Inequality in an Agent- Based Scarf Economy book/chapter (109)
2018-11 On Complex Economic Dynamics: Agent-Based Computational Modeling and Beyond. book/chapter (135)
2018-11 Do Information Quantity and Transmission Make a Difference to the Stable Contrarian? book/chapter (101)
2018-11 Google Trends and Cognitive Finance: Lessons Gained from the Taiwan Stock Market book/chapter (149)
2018-11 Heterogeneity, Price Discovery and Inequality in an Agent-Based Scarf Economy 專書篇章 (23)
2018-10 Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities book/chapter (197)
2018-10 Big Data Finance and Financial Markets book/chapter (129)
2018-10 Big Data in Computational Social Sciences and the Humanities: An Introduction book/chapter (193)
2018-10 Has Homo economicus Evolved into Homo sapiens from 1992 to 2014: What Does Corpus Linguistics Say? book/chapter (122)
2018-02 Computational Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism book/chapter (142)
2018-01 The Oxford Handbook of Computational Economics and Finance book/chapter (234)
2017-09 Agent-Based Models and their Development through the Lens of Networks book/chapter (99)
2017-06 Decision Economics: In the Tradition of Herbert A. Simon's Heritage : Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 14th International Conference book/chapter (142)
2017-06 Looking for Regional Convergence: Evidence from the Italian Case with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines book/chapter (97)
2017-06 Information Manipulation and Web Credibility book/chapter (106)
2017-06 Information Aggregation in Big Data: Wisdom of Crowds or Stupidity of Herds book/chapter (114)
2017 Size Effects in Agent-Based Macroeconomic Models: An Initial Investigation book/chapter (416)
2016-10 判定選舉預測市場之準確度:最適價格門檻、預測準確度與鑑別模型 book/chapter (480)
2016-08 Computational behavioral economics book/chapter (436)
2016-08 Smart societies book/chapter (351)
2016 The Missing Legacy of Herbert Simon in Agent-Based Computational Economics book/chapter (480)