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2020-06 動勢取向舞蹈治療之身體意象預防方案:高中女生輔導模式 article (21)
2020-04 The Utility of the Screening Tool for Autism in 2-Year-Olds in Detecting Autism in Taiwanese Toddlers Who are Less than 24 Months of Age: A Longitudinal Study article (16)
2019-11 Preliminary Clinical Outcomes of a Short-term Low-intensity Early Start Denver Model Implemented in the Taiwanese Public Health System article (104)
2019-09 依附品質對高中職青少年身體意象與自尊的影響 article (16)
2019-08 Behavioral characteristics of autism spectrum disorder in very preterm birth children article (30)
2019-03 Body image promotion program with a creative movement approach for female college students in Taiwan article (87)
2018-08 動勢取向舞蹈治療團體對女大學生身體意象之效果研究 article (78)
2018-05 Use of the Chinese version modified checklist for autism in toddlers in a high-risk sample in Taiwan article (194)
2018-03 Executive Function in Elementary School Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Combined Presentation article (277)
2018 Utility of the Taiwan version of the screening tool for autism in two-year-olds to detect autism in children aged three years article (288)
2017-09 Exploration of the Executive Function of Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder article (217)
2017-07 Service System and Cognitive Outcomes for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Rural Area of Taiwan article (176)
2017-06 Service system and cognitive outcomes for young children with autism spectrum disorders in a rural area of Taiwan. article (306)
2017-01 Young children with autism spectrum disorders imitate in the context of others' prior intention. article (261)
2017 Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Imitate in the Context of others’ prior intention article (563)
2017 Service system and cognitive outcomes for young children with autism spectrum disorders in a rural area of Taiwan article (242)
2016-03 自閉症類群兒童綜合性早期療育的療效研究:文獻回顧 article (250)
2015-03 自閉症類疾患兒童模仿表現與相關因素 article (658)
2015-03 自閉症幼兒的共享式參與家長訓練方案:舞蹈治療之創造性律動取向初探 article (523)
2015 Efficacy of Caregiver-Mediated Joint Engagement Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice article (609)
2014.03 兒童期自閉症評量表診斷自閉症類幼兒的效度 article (1196)
2014-12 T-STAT評估18~24個月自閉症類嬰幼兒效度探究 article (690)
2014-07 Predictors of effectiveness of early intervention on children with intellectual disability: a retrospective cohort study article (631)
2013.12 兩歲前自閉症類疾患嬰幼兒篩檢工具:文獻回顧 article (926)
2013.08 The developmental sequence of socialcommunicative skills in young children with autism: A longitudinal study article (733)