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2015-02 How Stress Influences Creativity in Game-based Situations: Analysis of Stress Hormone, Negative Emotions, and Working Memory article (996)
2014-10 Integrating Knowledge Management into the Instruction of Creativity in a Blended Learning Environment book/chapter (1175)
2014-05 Aptitude-treatment interactions during creativity training in blended learning: How meaning-making, self-regulation, and knowledge management influence creativity article (771)
2014 An evaluation agent system for enhancing wikipedia management article (875)
2013.12 美感體驗歷程與大腦心智反應-設計產品的美感體驗與創造力:認知歷程及神經機制之探討(2/2) report (884)(942)
2013-02 Towards a Neural Circuit Model of Verbal Humor Processing: An fMRI Study of the Neural Substrates of Incongruity Detection and resolution article (1263)
2013 數位學習正向個人特質之量表發展:知識管理、自我調整學習與意義建構 article (1020)
2013 How gratitude influences well-being: A structural equation modeling approach article (1336)
2012-12 應用資料探勘於創造力學習系統 conference (312)
2012-09 From Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Creation: A Blended Knowledge-Management Model for Improving University students' creativity article (1369)
2012-07 A Co-creation Blended KM Model for Cultivating Critical-thinking Skills article (1459)
2012-07 A co-creation blended KM model for cultivating critical-thinking skills. Computers & Education article (1176)
2012-01 Aptitude-treatment interaction book/chapter (1049)
2012 美感體驗歷程與大腦心智反應-總計畫含子計畫 report (614)
2012 The relationship of positive personal traits in blended learning: Meaning-making, self-regulation, and knowledge management article (704)
2012 Developing an Intelligent Agent for Managing Web 2.0 Services article (788)
2011.09 A Four-Component Instructional Model for Teacher Training in Critical-Thinking Instruction: Its Effectiveness and Influential Factors book/chapter (1333)
2011-12 研究生生希望感量表之發展 article (543)
2011-09 發現創作性戲劇教學的魅力:幼兒自我概念及創造力的觀點 article (631)
2011-06 Research and methods book/chapter (818)
2011-04 大學生感恩量表之發展 article (2454)
2011-01 Knowledge Management in Blended Learning: Effects on Professional Development in Creativity Instruction article (1370)
2011-01 Metaphor-based alliance partners recommendation for unique and attractive destination image building conference (678)
2010-11 Integrating collaborative PBL with blended learning to explore preservice teachers' development of online learning communities article (822)
2010-02 Analyzing Online Behaviors, Roles, and Learning Communities via Online Discussions article (1507)