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2005-01 大學生性別、就學地區、幽默感、情緒調節與演說焦慮之感受、因應與影響之關係 conference
2005-01 幼兒依附關係、語文智能、人際智能與心智理論能力之關係 conference
2005-01 國中教師之建設性思考、人際智慧與其需求困擾及快樂之關係 conference
2005-01 創作性戲劇教學與幼兒創造力及多元智慧之關係 conference
2005-01 大學生的樂觀、調節焦點、情緒調節與逆境感受、逆境因應以及逆境意義建構之關係 conference
2005-01 路學習融入「批判思考教學」課程的效果之探討 conference
2005-01 小毛蟲的天空:創作性戲劇教學對啟發幼兒創造力之行動研究 conference
2004-09 國小學童科技創造的認知歷程分析 conference
2004-09 國小高年級學童多元智能、行動控制、自我調節、人口變項與生活問題解決能力之關係 conference
2004-09 兒童解釋形態、創意生活經驗及其科技創造力表現之關係 conference
2004-09 年齡、情緒調節、創作性戲劇教學與幼兒創造力之關係 conference
2004-09 青少年的依附品質、情緒智力與適應之關係 conference
2004-07 The dynamic influences of microsystem and mesosystem on pupils' creativity conference
2004-06 The Effects of Infusing E-learning into the Instruction of Minority Language in Taiwan conference
2004-06 What personal trates would matter to the improvement of personal teaching efficacy in a computer-simulation training? conference
2004-04 創造力的發展與教學 conference
2004-04 創造力的影響因素與創意的啟發 conference
2004-02 年級、地區與國小學童創造力發展的動態關係 conference
2003-10 年級、城鄉別、出生序、建設性思考、情緒能力與國小高年級學童科技創造力之關係 conference
2003-10 「科技創造力測驗」的編制與國小學童的科技創造力發展分析 conference
2003-10 如何成為科技創意人 conference
2003-10 國小五年級自然科融入STS教學對批判思考和科技創造力之影響 conference
2003-08 The Interactive Influences of Ecological Systems on Technological Creativity conference
2003-05 批判思考的涵意與有效批判思考教學行為 conference
2003-03 Intrapersonal Intelligence Critical-thinking Ability and Preservice Teachers' Behavior Change in a Computer Simulation conference