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2017-09 大專院校人才培育與財務調控機制 article (83)
2017-08 Urban-Rural Disparity in Geographical and Temporal Availability of Pediatric Clinics: A Nationwide Survey in Taiwan article (371)
2017-07 Birth Trends among Female Physicians in Taiwan: A Nationwide Survey from 1996 to 2013. article (354)
2017-06 以針灸術打造綠色之都:德國佛萊堡的永續保春法 article (649)
2017-05 Pattern of visits to older family physicians in Taiwan article (339)
2017-05 以都市針灸法解析德國弗班永續社區的再造與發展 article (418)
2017-01 高等教育預算管理與補助政策之新展望 article (430)
2015-12 Tablet splitting of narrow therapeutic index drugs: a nationwide survey in Taiwan article (528)
2015 No gynecologist in town: the gynecological care of women in rural Taiwan article (557)
2014.04 Patterns of nonemergent visits to different healthcare facilities on the same day: a nationwide analysis in Taiwan article (707)
2014.01 Urban-Rural Disparity of Generics Prescription in Taiwan: The Example of Dihydropyridine Derivatives article (1087)
2014.01 Drugs cheaper than threepenny: the market of extremely low-priced drugs within the National Health Insurance in Taiwan article (1105)
2014-12 家長式領導二十年:問題與解答 article (411)
2014-08 The Ecology of Gynecological Care for Women article (609)
2014-07 競逐人才贏的策略 article (588)
2014-03 Old habits die hard: a nationwide utilization study of short-acting nifedipine in Taiwan article (1776)
2014 家長式領導:回顧與前瞻 article (583)
2014 家長式領導二十年:問題與解答 article (511)
2013.11 Palliative care in Taiwan article (1123)
2013.10 校務基金條例修正建議 article (961)
2013.04 Dosing variability in prescriptions of acetaminophen to children: comparisons between pediatricians, family physicians and otolaryngologists article (970)
2013.03 Epidemiology of adrenal insufficiency: a nationwide study of hospitalizations in Taiwan from 1996 to 2008 article (1221)
2013.03 The rural-urban divide in ambulatory care of gastrointestinal diseases in Taiwan article (1170)
2013-04 Trend of urban-rural disparities in hospice utilization in Taiwan article (925)
2013-03 The rural - urban divide in ambulatory care of gastrointestinal diseases in Taiwan article (934)