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2011 Human Factors in the El Farol Bar Experiment conference
2011 Intelligence and Level-k Reasoning in Beauty-Contest Experiments: An Integrated Analysis conference
2011 The Decision-Making Process in a Double Auction Experiment: the Effect of Personality Traits and Working Memory conference
2011 Agent-based Model of the Political Election Prediction Market conference
2011 A Culture-Sensitive Agent in Kirman's Ant Model conference (1181)
2011 Is genetic programming "human-competitive"? The case of experimental double auction markets conference (787)
2010.11 Liquidity Cost of Market Orders in Taiwan Stock Market: A Study based on An Order-Driven Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market conference (687)
2010.11 Market Fraction Hypothesis: A Proposed Test conference
2010.09 Testing the Dinosaur Hypothesis Under Different GP Algorithms conference (787)
2010.08 The optimal allocation model of corporate governance based on computational intelligence: Board composition and ownership structure to maximize the firm value conference
2010.07 Role of Pricing in an Innovation-Based Economy: Views from an Agent-Based Modular Economy conference
2010.07 Building firm value function based on computational intelligence: Applying Ohlson model and considering corporate governance conference
2010.06 Analysis of Micro-Behavior and Bounded Rationality in Double Auction Markets Using Co-evolutionary GP conference (1134)
2010.06 What Do We Learn about Culture from Experimental Economics conference
2010.06 The Agent-Based Double Auction Markets: 15 Years On conference (1099)
2010.05 Microstructure Dynamics and Agent-Based Financial Markets conference (572)
2010 Artificial Economic Agents with Heterogeneous Cognitive Capacity and Their Economic Consequences: Study Based on Agent-Based Double-Auction Market Simulations conference
2010 On the beauty contest experiments: Is intelligence relevant conference
2010 Agent-Based Modeling of Cognitive Double Auction Market Experiments conference
2010 Agent-Based Social Simulation: A Bibliometric Review conference
2009.11 Market Fraction Hypothesis: A Proposed Test conference
2009.11 A Bibliometric Study of Agent Based Modeling Literature on SSCI Database conference (1083)
2009.11 Agent-Based Modeling of Cognitive Double Auction Market Experiments conference (1211)
2009.11 Empirical Puzzles or Aggregation Problems- A View of Agent-based Models conference
2009.10 Decision and behavior in ultimatum game with multitargets conference