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2014-01 Neuroeconomics and agent-based computational economics article (907)
2013-12 Non-price Competition in a Modular Economy: An Agent-Based Computational Model article (615)
2012.06 Agent-Based Economic Models and Econometrics article (1109)
2012.06 Econophysics: Bridges over a Turbulent Current article (691)
2012.01 Interactions in DSGE Models: The Boltzmann-Gibbs Machine and Social Networks Approach article (704)
2012-07 不同公司治理情境之股權評價:類神經模糊專家系統之應用 article (942)
2012-01 Varieties of Agents in Agent-Based Computational Economics: A Historical and an Interdisciplinary Perspective article (1152)
2012 Special issue: Constructive and computable analysis in mathematical finance---the Festschrift issue for Prof Kumaraswamy (Vela) Velupillai---Editor's introduction article (520)
2011.07 Emergent Complexity in Agent-Based Computational Economics article (896)
2011-11 Do the ASEAN Countries and Taiwan Form a Common Currency Area? article (998)
2011 Agents Learned, but Do We? Knowledge Discovery Using the Agent-Based Double Auction Markets article (594)
2011 Reinforcement Learning in Experimental Asset Markets article (512)
2010 On the Elasticity Puzzle: Would the Agent-Based Modeling Help article (352)
2010 Corporate Governance and Equity Evaluation: Nonlinear Modeling via Neural Networks article (886)
2009-03 Financial Applications: Stock Markets article (568)
2009 Price Errors from Thin Markets and Their Corrections: Studies Based on Taiwan's Political Futures Markets article (955)(1235)
2009 Statistical Properties of an Experimental Political Futures Markets article (751)
2008-09 Risk preference, forecasting accuracy and survival dynamics: Simulations based on a multi-asset agent-based artificial stock market conference (526)
2008-08 Lottery Markets Design Micro-Structure and Macro-Behavior: An ACE Approach article (982)
2008 Software-Agent Designs in Economics: An Interdisciplinary Framework article (791)
2008 Network Topology of an Experimental Futures Exchange article (1134)
2008 The Future of Agent-Based Research in Economics article (1014)
2008 Genetic Programming: An Emerging Engineering Tool article (908)
2008 On the Plausibility of Sunspot Equilibria: Simulations based on agent-based artificial stock markets article (916)
2008 On Predictability and Profitability: Would GP Induced Trading Rules Be Sensitive to the Observed Entropy of Time Series? article (660)