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2014 Preface conference (239)
2013-12 A mobile museum navigation system designed for visitors' usability conference (523)
2013-12 Applying customer knowledge management to alignment and integration of strategy maps conference (618)
2013-11 Co-Authorship Networks and Research Impact: A Social Capital Perspective article (977)
2013-03 Citation Patterns in Organization and Management Journals: Margins and Centres article (875)
2013-03 Organisations and Social Networking: Utilizing Social Media to Engage Consumers book/chapter (1092)
2013-03 User Intention of Sharing Video Clips on Web 2.0 Social Networking Websites book/chapter (1051)
2013 企業服務能力成熟度之評量:模式發展、方法驗證與實務應用 report (302)
2013 From structural assurances to trusting beliefs: Validating persuasion principles in the context of online shopping conference (203)
2012.06 Exploring Consumer Value of Multi-Channel Shopping: A Perspective of Means-End Theory article (932)
2012-01 Service innovation activities in e-government initiatives: the Taiwan experience article (665)
2012 以服務主導邏輯為基礎探討顧客知識管理:模式發展、系統建置與績效評估 report (554)
2012 故宮博物院的科技化服務創新-子計畫四:故宮個人化行動導覽雲端服務系統之模式發展、系統建置、績效評估 report (394)
2012 The effect of affinity design on review helpfulness: An experimental study of online passenger review in the airline industry conference (611)
2011-08 The Effect of Channel Quality Inconsistency on the Association between E-Service Quality and Customer Relationships article (658)
2011-08 The interaction effect of user participation on IT service providing process conference (437)
2011-05 Understanding Web 2.0 service models: A knowledge-creating perspective article (816)
2011-02 Beyond ERP Implementation: The Moderating Effect of Knowledge Management on Business Performance article (816)
2011-01 影音分享網站使用者意圖之研究 article (662)
2011 以服務主導邏輯為基礎探討顧客知識管理:模式發展、系統建置與績效評估 report (428)
2011 Measuring the core competencies of service businesses: A resource-based view conference (392)
2011 Nurturing a thriving information systems discipline: A call to action conference (624)
2011 IT enabled service innovation in e-government: The case of Taiwan drug abuse reduction service conference (780)
2010-11 The Effect of Information Technology Adoption and Design Customisation on the Success of New Product Development article (675)
2010 99年度國立政治大學中小企業創新育成中心計畫 report