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2009-07 Journal Self-Citation III: Exploring the Self-Citation Patterns in MIS Journals article (1003)
2009-07 雙人編程環境下人格特質與編程績效關係之研究 article (670)(440)
2009-03 Information Synergy As the Catalyst Between IT Capability and Innovativeness: Empirical Evidence from Financial Service Sector article (996)
2009-03 Measuring CRM Effectiveness: Construct Development, Validation, and Application of a Process-Oriented Model article (931)
2008-09 Do Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Lead to Information System Success? Testing the Mediation Effects of Integration Climate and Project Management, article (904)
2008-09 Do organizational citizenship behaviors lead to information system success?: Testing the mediation effects of integration climate and project management article (753)
2008-07 消費者使用購物網站之行為模式 article (665)
2008-07 The e-commerce value matrix and use case model: A goal-driven methodology for eliciting B2C application requirements article (978)
2008 The E-Commerce Value Matrix and Use Case Model: A Goal-Driven Methodology for Eliciting B2C Application Requirements article (1262)
2008 A Fit-Gap Analysis of E-Business Curricula and Job Demand in Taiwan and the U.S. article (1001)
2007-10 Document Access Control in Organisational Workflows article (644)
2007-07 電子商務學程與產業需求之比較分析 article (603)
2007-05 Editorial article (396)
2007-03 Access Control in Collaborative Commerce article (1329)
2007-03 Editorial article (450)
2006-01 Mining protein–protein interaction information on the internet article (852)
2006-01 顧客關係利益之階層探析:方法目的鏈之應用 article (944)
2006 A Framework for Investigating the Impact of IT Capability and Organizational Capability on Firm Performance in the Late Industrializing Context article (1028)
2005.10 Managing Constrained Capacity: A Simulation Study article (801)
2005-11 An Architecture for Distributed Scenario Building and Evaluation: Collaborative Learning from the Future article (647)
2005-07 Reverse Simulation for Collaborative Commerce: A Study of Integrating Object-Oriented Database Technology with Object-Oriented Simulator article (1074)
2005 Mobile agents for a brokering service in the electronic marketplace article (466)
2005 Collaborative work and knowledge management in electronic business article (543)
2005 Dynamic vehicle routing for online B2C delivery article (635)
2005 Mobile agents in distributed network management article (403)