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2006.02 台灣社會保險之改革與展望 book/chapter (840)(554)
2010 台灣法學教育的問題與改革 book/chapter (510)(572)
2005.12 勞退新制: 向上提升或向下沈淪? book/chapter (794)(563)
2006.06 勞退新制之政策形成與立法過程之分析 book/chapter (833)(663)
2002.07 個人帳戶方案之憲法分析 book/chapter (1017)(530)
2005.06 以SSCI及TSSCI為名的學術大屠殺 ─ 棄文廢法的文化大革命 book/chapter (1017)(740)
2015-03 中國養老保險法制之核心問題 book/chapter (627)
2011.05 Why is Social Security Development Limited? —A Comparative Study of IRA in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China book/chapter (1489)(792)
2009.08 The Foundation of Disabled Welfare Policy in Asia: Focusing on China and Taiwan book/chapter (631)
2013-04 Taiwan, in: International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Social Security law, edited by Willy van Eeckhoutte. book/chapter (1387)
2003.02 Status quo und Perspektiven des Rechts und der Politik für Menschen mit Behinderung - Landesbericht Taiwan book/chapter (532)
2008.03 Social Insurance book/chapter (1537)
2002-08 Reform and Perspectives on Social Insurancee: Lessons from the East and West: A Comparative Study of Social Insurance in China, EU, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan and the USA book/chapter (1223)
2018-09 Rediscover Custom Law: A Critical Review of Judicial Judgement and Legislation Regarding the Ancestor Worship Guildsin Taiwan book (145)
2007.02 Privatization Versus the Right to Social Security: the Taiwan Case book/chapter (684)
1998.07 Grundprobleme der Volkskrankenversicherung in Taiwan book/chapter (653)
2002.08 Development, Reform and Perspectives on Social Insurance in Taiwan book/chapter (1477)(634)
1990.09 Alterssicherung in Taiwan-Grundproblem soyialer Sicherung in einem jungen Industriestaat book/chapter (2269)
2002.07 50 Years of social Insurance in Taiwan book/chapter (2152)(768)