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2012 Incorporating fuzziness in extended local ternary patterns conference (500)
2012 繪畫圖像之美感知覺歷程研究 report (189)
2012 基於區域模糊樣式的特徵描述方式 report (216)
2011-11 Pedestrian detection using covariance descriptor and on-line learning conference (642)
2011-10 智慧型手機為媒介之行動傳播--行動社群網路行為研究 conference
2011 基於三元化樣式的通用型區域特徵描述方法 report (1344)
2011 Analysis and Interpretation of e-Reader User Logs: A Case Study of High School Students' User Behaviors conference (840)
2011 HuayuNavi: A mobile chinese learning application based on intelligent character recognition conference (763)
2011 A service platform for logging and analyzing mobile user behaviors conference (763)
2011 Streaming audio classification in Smart Home environments conference (485)
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010-12 電腦視覺技術於情境感知互動便所之測試與應用 conference
2010 數位內容資訊承載平台開發─以低成本的多點觸控桌設計為例 conference
2010 基於延展式區域三元化樣式的物件描述方法 report (1567)
2010 Automatic generation of caricatures with multiple expressions using transformative approach conference (882)
2010 Robust pupil detection for gaze-based user interface conference (558)
2010 Texture classification using uniform extended local ternary patterns conference (662)
2010 Facilitating high school campus learning with e-book readers conference (611)
2010 Region Description Using Extended Local Ternary Patterns conference (491)
2010 IWakeUp: A video-based alarm clock for smart bedrooms article (954)
2010 Region description using extended local ternary patterns conference
2009-10 A framework for attention-based personal photo manager conference (582)
2009 Classification of non-speech human sounds: Feature selection and snoring sound analysis conference (756)
2009 A Framework for Attention-Based Personal Photo Manager conference (1286)
2008-12 Video-based Activity and Movement Pattern Analysis in All Night Sleep Studies conference