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2011-02 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks book/chapter (774)(1077)
2011 以群聚計算法求解叉狀型等候系統之穩態機率(I) report (396)
2010.09 Matrix Geometric Analysis of Departure Processes of Queues with Applications to a Pull Serial Line article (1008)
2010.04 Modeling on Weighted Utilizations of Network Dimensioning Problems article (783)
2010-01 Operations Research Society of Taiwan article (560)
2010 願景2025:打造台灣產業未來力整合型計畫 report
2010 於預算控制下計算M/G/K/K 和 GI/M/K/K 的滿載機率 report (420)
2010 Dropping behavior of a Random Early Detection mechanism by a queueing model of batch arrivals and multiple servers conference (763)
2009.12 Analysis of the M/G/1 queue with exponentially working vacations—a matrix analytic approach article (1656)
2009.01 Disaster Avoidance Mechanism for Content-Delivering Service article (1074)
2009-09 Proactive peer-to-peer traffic control when delivering large amounts of content within a large-scale organization conference (758)
2009-07 Measuring the Cost of Links of a Disaster-Avoided Content-Delivering Service within a Large-scaled Company conference (802)
2009 A Fast Branch and Bound Based Algorithm for Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing on Class-based IP Networks conference
2009 Measuring Average Revenue with Bandwidth and Traffic Demand on Communication Networks conference (787)
2009 願景2025:打造台灣產業未來力整合型計畫 report
2009 願景2025:打造台灣產業未來力整合型計畫 report
2009 於預算控制下計算M/G/K/K 和 GI/M/K/K 的滿載機率 report (553)
2009 Blocking probabilities of multiple classes in IP networks with qos routing article (674)
2008.09 A Fair QoS Scheme for Bandwidth Allocation by Precomputation-based Approach article (970)
2008-10 O.R. Applications in Healthcare--An Example of Cost-Effectiveness Studies for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus conference
2008-10 A Utility Maximization Scheme for End-to-End QoS Routing in Communication Networks with Heterogeneous Service Classes conference
2008-09 A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Prolonged Antiviral Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus with Cirrhosis by Discrete Event Simulation conference
2008-07 Modeling of P2P File Sharing Strategy in Future Intranet Service, Flexible Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (FAIM) conference
2008-07 Maintenance Strategies for File Delivery on Intranet conference
2008 Modeling and Computing Blocking Probabilities with Predetermined End-to-End QoS Routing under Random Arrivals conference