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2007.03 Reliability Measure in Content-Distribution Systems article (817)
2007 Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing for Heterogeneous Networks article (931)
2006.08 Network Dimensioning Problems of Applying Achievement Functions article (429)
2006-12 A Precomputation-Based Scheme for QoS Routing and Fair Bandwidth Allocation article
2006-10 A Robust Web-Based Approach for Broadcasting Downward Messages in a Large-Scaled Company article (562)
2006-05 A Note on Simple Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials in Queueing Models with Erlang Distributions article (1741)
2006 Characterizing Output Processes of Em/Ek/1 Queues article (919)
2006 Optimal Selection of Arrival and Service Rates in Tandem Queues article (384)
2005 A new approach solving a two-node closed queueing network article (1925)
2005 Industrial Track: An effective approach for content delivery in an evolving intranet environment- a case study of the largest telecom company in Taiwan article
2005 Optimal Capacities of Tokens at Tandem-Queue Models of General Service Times article (460)
2005 Kernel Density Estimation for Interdeparture Time of GI/G/1 Queues article (1433)
2005 PH/PH/1 Queueing Models in Mathematica for Performance Evaluation article (618)
2004.12 Characterizing the idle time of a nonexponential server system article (812)
2004-12 Characterizing The Idle Time Distribution in A Nonexponential Server System article (592)
2004-12 影響臺灣SARS疫情擴散之因素分析--以類神經網路及迴歸為預測模式 article
2004-11 A Stochastic Directional Convexity Result and Its Application in Comparison of Queues article (348)
2004-03 BBQ:All-IP網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理架構 article (2265)
2004 Solving Linear Programming Problems on the Parallel Virtual Machine Environment article (861)
2004 A Queueing Model of General Servers in Tandem with Finite Buffer Capacities article (521)
2002-11 Performance Analysis of a Parallel Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm for Linear Programming article (692)
2002-09 An alternative measure for evaluating the delay article (2745)
2002-07 以梯度投影法結合內點運算與單體法之研究 article (1858)
2002-03 Threshold control policies for heterogeneous server systems article (946)
2002-02 An Efficient Search Direction for Linear Programming Problems article (2029)