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2005-06 檢測抬高式T形迷津行為之焦慮源 article (2750)
2005 Acute Effects of d-Amphetamine on the DRL Schedule Behavior in the Rat: Comparison with Selective Dopamine Receptor Antagonists article (1820)
2003-09 Effects of Lithium Chloride Induced Reward Devaluation on Two Types of Spatial Behavior of the Taxon System article (2290)
2003-03 Differential effects of dopamine D1 and D2 receptor antagonists on conditioned orienting behavior in the rat article (1141)
2002-12 The Role of Catecholamines in Retention Performance of a Partially Baited Radial Eight-Arm Maze for Rats article (1192)
2001-12 Effects of SCH23390 and reclopride on a run-climb-run behavioral task in rats article
2001-10 Different Effects of 5-HT Receptor Agonists on Operant Response in Rats Under DRL 10-s and DRL 30-s Schedules article (1412)
2000-09 Operant Performance Following Tail-Pinch in the Rat: Effects of d-Amphetamine article (1628)
2000-01 Influences on water intake in the rat after lesion of the septal subareas article (1298)
2000 Distinct accumbal subareas are involved in place conditioning of ampgrtamine and coaine article
1998-06 Influence of SCH23390 and Spiperone on the Expression of Conditioned Place Preference Induced by d-Amphetamine or Cocaine in the Rat article (1293)
1997 Quantifying Operant Behavior Deficits in Rats with Bilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine Lesions of the Ventrolateral Striatum article (1051)
1996-02 心理藥理學之沿革 article (1841)
1996- Effects of 5-HT receptor agonists on DRL10 and DRL30 behaviors in the rat article (188)
1996 Microinjections of SCH23390 and haloperidol into striatal subregions differentially affect water intake in the rat article (1307)
1995-06 Chronic Effects of Haloperidol and SCH23390 on Operant and Licking Behaviors in the Rat article (1586)