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2008-10 An Information Retrieval Approach to Facilitating Second Language Learning conference
2008-07 政治部落格的情緒世界 conference
2007-12 Observation and Evaluation on Emotional Context Information conference
2007-09 Corporal Sentence Retrieval for English Writing Assistance conference
2006-11 大學圖書館之空間改造實務 conference
2006-09 Textual Data Error Detection based on String Features conference
2006-09 A Service Model for Multimedia Production Process conference
2005-12 Enhancing Usability of Information Extraction Results with Textual Data Profiling conference
2005-07 A Project Mediation Approach to Interdisciplinary Learning conference
2005-05 典藏文件之數位資訊加值 conference
2004-11 Developing Content Construction Support System for Digital Archiving conference
2004-11 An Integrated Multimedia Platform for Intra-Organization Interaction conference
2004-09 Subject-oriented Information Extraction on Chinese Free Texts conference
2004-08 A Platform of Content Construction for Digital Archiving conference
2004-06 Mediating Team Work for Digital Heritage Archiving conference (539)
2004-06 An Ontology-driven Mediation Approach to Multimedia Archiving and Exhibition conference
2003-12 Design and Development of an Operation and Service Platform for Digital Content conference
2003-09 A Delegated Multimedia Production System conference
2003-09 Digital Media Management System – A Personal Multimedia Platform conference
2003-04 A Portal System for Production Information Services conference
2002-08 Designing Agents for Context-Rich Information Tasks conference
2001-12 Designing A Production Information Portal System conference
2001-11 Extracting Government Personnel Information from Official Gazettes conference
2001-07 Gaz-Guide: Agent-Mediated Information Retrieval for Official Gazettes conference
2001-05 Production Information Portal: A Platform for Production Status Monitoring and Decision Support conference