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2011-08 Smart Character in a First-Person Shooting Game conference (241)
2011-07 Simulating Collective Behaviors of Virtual Crowds – Using Riot as an Example conference (210)
2011 Space-time planning in dynamic environments with unknown evolution conference (563)
2011 Simulating riot for virtual crowds with a social communication model conference (532)
2011 Physically-based virtual glove puppet conference (501)
2011 Using intelligent 3D animated character as the interface for interactive digital TV system conference (761)
2011 A service platform for logging and analyzing mobile user behaviors conference (773)
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010 以互動為導向的公車候車區體感裝置--天籟森林交響趣 conference
2009-11 Inferring Appropriate Feedback Timing from Answering Styles for Open-Ended Questions conference (342)
2009-11 Exploring Effect of Rater on Prediction Error in Automatic Text Grading for Open-ended Question conference (383)
2009-10 Automatic Generation of Character Animations Expressing Music Features conference (476)
2009-09 Motion Generation for Glove Puppet Show with Procedural Animation conference (324)
2009-09 Evaluating Emotive Character Animations Created with Procedural Animation conference (330)
2009-07 Designing Customized Virtual Characters in an Extensible Virtual Environment conference (383)
2009-06 Using Motion Capture Data to Optimize Procedural Animation conference (471)
2009-05 An Initial Investigation of Using Computer Animation to Assist Puppetry Learning – Using Hand Puppet Show as an Example conference (313)
2008-12 Using Pluggable Procedures and Ontology to Realize Semantic Virtual Environments 2.0 conference (498)
2008-12 Enhancing Procedural Animations with Motion Capture Data conference (347)
2008-11 Building a Context-Aware Experimental Platform for Smart Interactive TV – SITV conference (455)
2008-11 Realizing Customizable Semantic Virtual Environment with the Concept of Web 2.0 conference (399)
2008-11 Automatic Generation of Character Animations for Ex-pressing Music Features conference (557)
2008-09 Simulating Crowd Behaviors with a Communication Model conference
2008-09 Verification of Expressiveness of Procedural Parameters for Generating Emotional Motions conference (464)
2008-09 Simulating Virtual Crowd with Fuzzy Logics and Motion Planning for Shape Template conference (394)