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2007-06 人體下意識行為的程序式動畫模擬系統 conference (969)
2003-08 一個有延展性的動畫劇本描述語言 conference (1272)
2003-12 一個以Web 為基礎的新聞供稿實驗系統 conference (1099)
2006-06 VIBRANT: A Brainstorming Agent for Computer Supported Creative Problem Solving conference (470)
2008-09 Verification of Expressiveness of Procedural Parameters for Generating Emotional Motions conference (463)
2005-10 Using Software Factory for Rapid Development of Conference Management System conference
2008-12 Using Pluggable Procedures and Ontology to Realize Semantic Virtual Environments 2.0 conference (498)
2009-06 Using Motion Capture Data to Optimize Procedural Animation conference (470)
2011 Using intelligent 3D animated character as the interface for interactive digital TV system conference (757)
2005-11 Using Hierarchical Virtual Force to Simulate Crowd Motions conference
2004-10 User-centric Network Service in a Multi-User Virtual Environment conference
2008-06 User Pluggable Animation Components in Multi-user Virtual Environment conference (461)
2006-01 Third-Person Intelligent Control of Humanoid with Real-Time Motion Planning Algorithm conference (1320)
2006-10 Third-Person Intelligent Control of Humanoid with Real-Time Motion Planning Algorithm conference (419)
2007-07 Thinking Hard Together: the Long and Short of Collaborative Idea Generation in Scientific Inquiry conference
2013-12 The Effect of a Serious Game on the Attention of the Elderly conference (361)
2016 The design and study of a serious game for attention training of the older adults conference (238)
2013-07 Stories Animated: A Framework for Personalized Interactive Narratives using Filtering of Story Characteristics conference (402)
2011 Space-time planning in dynamic environments with unknown evolution conference (557)
2011-08 Smart Character in a First-Person Shooting Game conference (240)
2001-11 Simulating Virtural Human Crowds with a Leader-Follower Model conference
2008-09 Simulating Virtual Crowd with Fuzzy Logics and Motion Planning for Shape Template conference (394)
2011 Simulating riot for virtual crowds with a social communication model conference (529)
2007-10 Simulating Human Low-Posture Motions with Procedural Animation conference (402)
2007-01 Simulating Crowd Motion with Shape Preference and Fuzzy Rules conference (1457)