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2010 Design-based knowledge building practices in mathematics teaching conference (726)
2006 Demystifying the knowledge-building practice in teaching conference
2012 Critical aspects in learning with technologies conference (992)
2008 Constantly Going Deeper: Knowledge Building Innovation in an Elementary Professional Community conference
2019-11 Conceptualizing design thinking as a knowledge creation model in teaching context conference (38)
2011-07 Collaborative knowledge building for understanding science concepts conference (900)
1993 Bring people knowledge into science learning conference
2008 Assessing prospective teachers’ initial views on teaching as knowledge-building practice conference
2008 An idea-centered, principle-based design approach to support learning as knowledge creation conference
2005 An analysis of teachers’ beliefs on using educational software conference
2019-06 Advancing Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension Scores Through Knowledge Building. conference (68)
2019-03 Advancing elementary students’ literacies through principled-based knowledge building pedagogy conference (1)
2006 A technological tool for scaffolding social metacognitive reflection conference
2006 A longitudinal analysis of inquiry threads in the Knowledge Society Network conference
2019-06 A Case Study on the Development of Pre-Service Teachers' Design Thinking conference (1)