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2015-10 Advances in Computational Social Science: The Fourth World Congress book/chapter (967)
2015-10 Agent-Based Modeling and Network Dynamics book/chapter (666)
2015-09 The optimal pricing of a market maker in a heterogeneous agent economy article (386)
2015-09 Agent-based computational economics : how the idea originated and where it is going book/chapter (760)
2015-09 Spatial Modeling of Agent-based Prediction Markets: Role of Individuals book/chapter (558)
2015-09 Granularity in Economic Decision Making: An Interdisciplinary Review book/chapter (509)
2015-09 Trust, Growth, and Inequality: An Agent-Based Model book/chapter (573)
2015-06 Network-Based Trust Games: An Agent-Based Model article (604)
2015-02 Limit Order Book Transparency and Order Aggressiveness at the Closing Call: Lessons from the TWSE 2012 New Information Disclosure Mechanism article (529)
2015-01 Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (603)
2015-01 Social norms, costly punishment and the evolution of cooperation article (636)
2015-01 The Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (312)
2014.04 Cognitive Capacity and Cognitive Hierarchy: A Study Based on Beauty Contest Experiments article (942)
2014.01 Business Intelligence in Risk Management: Some Recent Progresses article (1298)
2014.01 Social Networks, Social Interaction and Macroeconomic Dynamics: How Much Could Ernst Ising Help DSGE? article (692)
2014-10 Role of price in industry dynamics: A modular perspective conference (812)
2014-09 Competition in a New Industrial Economy: Toward an Agent-Based Economic Model of Modularity article (500)
2014-06 Behavioral macroeconomics and agent-based macroeconomics article (819)
2014-05 Toward a spatial agent-based prediction market: Would the spatial distribution of information matter? conference (792)
2014-03 Social Networks and Macroeconomic Stability article (582)
2014-01 Neuroeconomics and agent-based computational economics article (919)
2014-01 Business Intelligence in Risk Management 專書 (90)
2014 Heterogeneity in experienced-weighted attraction learning and its relation to cognitive ability conference (653)
2014 Don't get mad, get even: emotions in ultimatum games conference (680)
2013.12 Reasoning-based artificial agents in agent-based computational economics. book/chapter (1120)