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2011 The Market Fraction Hypothesis under Different GP Algorithms book/chapter (995)
2011 Toward an Autonomous-Agents Inspired Economic Analysis book/chapter (505)
2010 Does Cognitive Capacity Matter when Learning Using Genetic Programming in Double Auction Markets? book/chapter (1074)
2010 Social Interactions and Innovation: Simulation Based on an Agent-Based Modular Economy book/chapter (764)
2010 Testing the Dinosaur Hypothesis under Empirical Datasets book/chapter (987)
2010 The Agent-Based Double Auction Markets: 15 Years On book/chapter (1195)
2010 Elasticity puzzle: An inquiry into micro-macro relations book/chapter (1010)
2010 Social interactions and innovation: Simulation based on an agent-based modular economy book/chapter (630)
2010 Neuroeconomics: A viewpoint from agent-based computational economics book/chapter (602)
2009 Co-Evolving Trading Strategies to Analyze Bounded Rationality in Double Auction Markets book/chapter (1052)
2009 Collaborative Computational Intelligence in Economics book/chapter (1002)
2009 Income Distribution and Lottery Expenditures in Taiwan: An Analysis Based on Agent-Based Simulation book/chapter (828)
2009 Modeling Social Heterogeneity with Genetic Programming in an Artificial Double Auction Market book/chapter (742)
2009 Financial Applications: Stock Markets book/chapter (1015)
2008 Genetic Programming and Financial Trading: How Much about “What we Know”? book/chapter (878)
2008 Agent-Based Modeling of Lottery Markets: Policy-making from Bottom Up book/chapter (1343)
2008 Scale-Free Network Emerged in the Markets: Human Traders versus Zero-Intelligence Traders book/chapter (937)
2008 Genetic Programming and Agent-Based Computational Economics: From Autonomous Agents to Product Innovation book/chapter (811)
2008 Computational Intelligence in Agent-Based Computational Economics book/chapter (957)
2007 Modularity Product Innovation and Consumer Satisfaction: An Agent-Based Approach book/chapter (839)
2007 The Relationship between Relative Risk Aversion and Survivability book/chapter (812)
2007 Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance: Shifting the Research Frontier book/chapter (906)
2007 Failure of Genetic Programming Induced Trading Strategies: Distinguishing between Efficient Markets and Inefficient Algorithms book/chapter (1090)
2007 Trading Strategies Based on K-Means Clustering and Regression Model book/chapter
2006 A Functional Modularity Approach to Agent-based Modeling of the Evolution of Technology book/chapter (855)