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2009.09 Microstructure Dynamics and Agent-Based Financial Markets conference (540)
2009.07 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments conference
2009.06 Corporate Governance and Equity Evaluation: Nonlinear Modeling via Neural Networks conference
2009.06 Agent-Based Modeling of Cognitive Double Auction Market Experiments conference
2009.05 Market Fraction Hypothesis: A Proposed Test conference
2009.04 Microstructure Dynamics: An Approach Inspired by Agent-based Financial Markets conference
2009.03 Modeling Intelligence of Learning Agents in An Artificial Double Auction Market conference (801)
2009.02 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments conference
2009-10 On the beauty-contest experiments:Is intelligence relevant conference (483)
2009 Analysis of Micro-Behavior and Bounded Rationality in Double Auction Markets Using Co-evolutionary GP conference
2008.12 A Comparison of Effective Trading Agents in Double Auction Markets conference (868)
2008.12 Agent-Based Economic Models and Econometrics conference
2008.12 Significance of Heterogeneity in Financial Markets : Empirical Study from simple few-type model conference
2008.12 Reinforcement Learning in Auction Experiments conference
2008.12 公司治理與股權評價—類神經網路之非線性模型 conference
2008.10 Agent-based economic models and econometrics conference
2008.04 On Predictability and Profitability: Would AI induced Trading Rules be Sensitive to the Entropy of Time Series conference (1124)
2007 Bounded Rationality and the Elasticity Puzzle: Analysis Based on Agent-Based Computational conference (954)
2007 Agent-based Simulation of Product Innovation: Modularity, Complexity and Diversity conference
2007 Modularity, product innovation, and consumer satisfaction: An agent-based approach conference (653)
2006 Pretests for genetic-programming evolved conference
2006 On the Relevance of Genetic Programming to Evolutionary Economics conference (532)
2005-07 Lottery Markets-Design Micro-Structure and Macro-Behavior: An ACE Approach conference
2005-06 Agent-Based Modeling of Lottery Markets: Policy-Making from the Bottom-Up conference
2005-06 Network Topologies and Consumption Externality conference